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Membership Updates

Please know that all memberships will continue to be on freeze-status and will not be billed, including any training fees. Once we reopen, your membership will be reactivated; however, the Kids Club memberships and Zone 4 memberships will remain frozen until those areas reopen. All memberships will be pro-rated to reflect any and all days the club was not open.

Our goal is to provide you a home and a safe-haven to live a healthier, happier and more balanced life. If for any reason, returning to Onelife Fitness does not make sense for you at the moment, we will continue to waive all fees, as well as provide you our live, at-home fitness solutions, and our Onelife Anywhere On Demand will be launching shortly (stay tuned….)

Personal Training

As a Personal Training client, all of your sessions have been frozen during this time and will be reactivated for use when we reopen. At that time, we will automatically extend the expiration dates, so you have ample time to get back with your trainer and resume your training program.

We will also encourage that sessions be performed outdoors (many in our dedicated outdoor training spaces) to provide you a more comfortable environment with plenty of personal space. Your trainer will reach out to you once we have an opening date.

If you have questions, please email your trainer directly, or call the club for more information.