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We are excited to annouce our new Onelife Fitness coming to Ballpark Village in 2020. Our Preview Center is located at the corner of S. 7th Street and Walnut across from the ballpark.

653 Clark Ave, St. Louis, MO 63102

Gym Hours

Our Preview Center is located at the corner of S. 7th Street and Walnut across from the ballpark.

Our Preview Center Hours:

Mon-Thur: 9am-7pm

Fri-Sat: 9am-6pm

Sun: 9am-2pm

When Our New Club Opens the Projected Hours will be:

Mon-Thur: 4am-11pm

Fri: 4am-10pm

Sat-Sun: 7am-8pm


‭(314) 256-9484‬

Onelife. Abundant Amenities.

  • Complimentary SmartStart training to help you get started
  • Free Parking
  • Over 100 pieces of cardio equipment with personal viewing screens
  • State of the art functional training, circuit stations and free weight areas
  • Dynamic turf workout areas inside and outside
  • Spa inspired locker rooms with full amenities
  • Relax & Recover Studio with HydroMassage
  • Personal Training
  • Explosive Performance athlete training program for all major sports
  • Boutique Studio Classes featuring Zumba, BodyPump, Insanity, GRIT & more!
  • Signature Class Series featuring Apex HIIT, Spark
  • Cycle Studio
  • Mind/Body classes including yoga, Pilates mat and free Barre classes

Onelife. We’re here to help.

  • link ZONE4

Onelife. Unlimited benefits.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Gain access to some of the best trainers in the industry. At Onelife Fitness, our Certified Personal Trainers specialize in different areas of fitness such as athletic training, weight loss, rehabilitation, beginner, youth, pre-natal, post-natal, weight gain, endurance, bodybuilding or just toning up.

“I have so much more energy, I am happy, healthy and only one pound away from reaching my final goal weight of 140 pounds."

Dawn Bradshaw - Virginia Beach
Explosive Performance

Explosive Performance Logo

Better training makes better athletes. What sets Explosive Performance apart from other "athlete training" programs? Intense focus on form. Proper form ensures maximum results - strengthening critical stabilizer muscles and avoiding common sports injuries.

“I feel and look amazing, and a lot of the Onelife staff now know me by name. The staff is truly amazing! When life gets tough, I go to the gym and I always remind myself that chocolate doesn't taste nearly as good as skinny feels!

Michelle Knice -Onelife Fitness - Greenbrier Gym
Mind + Body

Mind + Body

Nurture your mind. Change your body. Improve your game. Strengthen your skill set. Improve your performance. Lose weight. Keep the kids engaged. Our total-body wellness programs are for everybody. See what works for you.

“Not only have I lost weight and improved my body tone, I feel very good about myself. I look forward, everyday to exercising at Onelife.

Gloria Jean Mack-Phillips
World-class Cardio

World-class Cardio

Whether your goal is to gain, reduce weight or simply stay fit, it is essential to include cardiovascular exercises in your routine. Our variety of classes and state-of-the-art cardio fitness equipment offer many choices to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Try everything from treadmill workouts to high energy Zumba classes to find the right one for you.

“Today I am happier and healthier then I have ever been in my life. I continue to work out 5-6 times a week and by taking one of my favorite classes at OneLife Fitness.

Functional Training

Functional Training

Our functional training programs are suited for all fitness levels and accommodate to all goals. Designed to improve cardiovascular capacity and muscle tone, get ready to take your workout to the next level. Every day is a different workout and you'll have a blast while achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

“I would put on my headphones and leave my ego at the door and lose myself on the gym floor. Two years later I'm down to 209 pounds and feeling healthier than ever.

Edmund Montiel - Kansas City
Luxurious Locker Rooms + Amenities

Luxurious Locker Rooms + Amenities

At Onelife Fitness, we pride ourselves on providing the Ultimate Fitness Experience to every member every time. With that goal in mind, we've built the nicest health clubs in the industry to offer the best in health and fitness to every body. Whether you are brand new to fitness or are training for your next triathlon, Onelife Fitness offers the facilities you need to achieve the goals you want!

“Been a member for some time now and it's my second home. Staff members are very personable. Everyone has a smile on their faces all the time. The vibe is great and it keeps you motivated to workout.

Helen Dudley - Newport News

#ONELIFE Social Feed

We pride ourselves in offering the best experience possible to everyone that comes through our doors. If there is anything we could do to improve please let us know. If you just want to tell us how much you love us, that's cool too. Use hashtag #usfitness and you might be featured too!


I never thought the words “LOVE TO WORK OUT” would ever come out of my mouth. But I LOVE IT!!! I no longer take high blood pressure pills. I now weigh 148 pounds. I come to class 6 days a week. I am still learning how to have a healthy body each and every day but I have never felt so good about myself.

Sissi H.

I am coming up on 2 years of taking Fit360 from Stephen Johnson and doing personal training with him twice a week. I continue to use his services because he brings out in me what I can't seem to bring out myself. He motivates me, teaches and challenges me. He was helped me not only with my nutrition, but helped me achieve my goals.

Barbara M.

I am in excellent health, and have never felt better, stronger, or more confident. I know I could not have achieved my weight loss goal without the help I received.

Sissi H.

I like the challenge of working out with others and getting a trainer to push me beyond what I would normally do myself!


Really great gym. The layout is perfect, never a competition for cardio equipment and the classes have all been awesome.

Shawna W.

I love this place, great environment, friendly staff and customers. I've been here about three weeks and its worth my time, I'm really motivated to get into shape.

James L.

We bring our kids to Kids Club in the mornings and the staff are WONDERFUL!! They plan activities, circle time, dance parties and games and my kids love it!

Sarah Clark

I love this gym. They have everything you could want in a gym: sauna, pool, hot tub, hot yoga, classes galore, stretch equipment/area, tons of machines, basketball gym, childcare, hydro-massage, etc, etc. Overall our family is very happy here- there's something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Kerry W.

I've been a member here for almost 6 months and I've been impressed. The facilities are always clean, the staff is nice and professional, and my toddler loves the childcare workers! They even know her by name and greet her when she comes in. Awesome gym.


Not only is it nice on the inside but they support the community, too. I went to a Zumba Fundraiser for Cancer Research that they sponsored. The club is always clean, it's nicely decorated inside and there are a ton of classes to choose from. It has a media room where you can watch movies while doing your cardio. Equipment is always available and many great classes to choose from. The daycare includes computers, video games and crafts for the kids.

Sharon M.

They have all the cardio machines you need with a full movie cardio room. Heated swimming pool. Full sized basketball court. Tons of free weights and cable machinery. You should never have to stand around waiting to use anything. All the amenities are beautiful. The sauna is great. They have private showers for all guests and FREE WIFI!!

Ken P.

This gym changed my life. I signed up for the membership, honestly expecting to stop going after a couple weeks. I'm going on month two & I don't plan on stoping any time soon. I took advantage of the trainer sessions. Roland was my trainer, I no longer meet with a trainer but he gave me the right tools and motivation. He listened to my goals and gave me tips on how to meet them.

Andrea K.

I took the Mixx Fit class yesterday at 10:30 and it was my favorite class by far, highly energetic! It was moves I could do and easy on my knees and I didn't get lost in the dance. Thank you so much for having this class as an option.

Brandy C.

It was Sydney who set me up right and I am forever grateful. I'm middle aged and over weight. After talking to her I realized I can become healthy! I can work out! She's just what I needed. I've been coming a couple months now and I feel right at home.

Susan J.

I love this location. We take our daughter who is 4 months to the kids club and she is well taken care of. We feel safe to leave her with the workers there and can enjoy our workout without worrying about anything.

Cayla G.

I'm a huge fan of the Onelife Fitness in Newport news, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. The gyms are well equipped, well run, and all have very diverse range of equipment and classes to suit most fitness needs.

Troy W.

Love this gym! The classes are awesome and so are the people. There are various ways to workout, which I really enjoy. From swimming to cycle or weights and agility you can literally have it all. If your looking for a trainer Janelle is the only way to go!

Brittany P.

I found my home away from home. The daycare center is great my son has so much fun every time!

Micah B.

Love this gym! They have everything, it's very clean and aesthetically pleasing, there's a pool, hot tub, sauna, nice locker rooms, basketball court, two floors of workout equipment, great classes, etc etc! For the price you pay, it is a really great deal and definitely makes working out fun and enjoyable! Would highly recommend.

Konnor M.

I would say this was the best thing I did by joining this gym. I’m not a workout person and hired a personal trainer for the first time to learn make changes the right way in my body. Thanks to Dustin my trainer for the way he so simplified the exercises to me and did not make me overdo it. His knowledge is amazingly good and helped me feel positive about myself. Now I know the workout regime and will highly recommend this gym to everyone.

Paromita B.

I love this place! Customer service is awesome! Front desk always smiling and greets you! There is such a wide selection of classes in afternoons, evenings and weekends. So, even though I am a working mom i can find a class perfect dor my schedule! LOVE Nicole's hot yoga!

Tracy Guy

Absolutely love this place!!! My home away from home. The trainers are the best! I started here with zero gym experience, and have never felt anything but encouraged. Group exclusive is addictive, not only for the fabulous workouts, but also for the support and friendship!

Emily P.

I do the group exclusives and they are amazing! The instructors are super friendly, you end up becoming friends with the instructor! They are people of all sizes at these classes so if your self conscious about going to a group exclusive, don't be! We all started somewhere! They are super fun and motivating. They also kick your butt though! Love these classes!

Carolyn E.

Probably the best gym I've ever been a member of. Great customer service, huge and has everything. Just about any exercise, article or video you've seen where you've said "I've never even seen that equipment before", this gym has that equipment.

Donald B.

I can’t say enough good things about the trainers here and the group exclusive classes. Eight weeks ago I walked into my first metcon as someone who couldn’t even do a single pushup on my toes. Everyone from the other members to the trainers have been so supportive and encouraging and I am so amazed at the progress I’ve made in just eight weeks. I know with 100% certainty that I could not have achieved the same results on my own.

Bethany C.

Awesome facility, great people, tons of equipment and amenities. My husband and I have been coming for a few years. Some of the staff has become like family. Kids Club is fantastic. I have a 10 month old, a 4 year old and a 7 year old. They all love it; even if they're cranky when I drop them off, they're smiling when I pick them up.

Ashley H.

I love my Tuesday night class! 2 hours of hard work and sweat that makes you feel all good and warm inside all night. It's the best!

Denise W.

Love this gym! Such a spectacular price, location, and convenience. I signed up the first day of my free 3 day pass because I fell in absolute love. The trainers are amazing. I workout with Adam and love his guidance and motivation during the training session. All the equipment is new and beautiful. In addition to the wonderful trainers and equipment, the group classes are empowering. I also enjoy using the space if a class is not going on. You must join this gym!

Alanna R.

Body pump classes are AWESOME!!! I enjoy it every time I go.

Gwendolyn P.

The kids club is the best, the staff is awesome!!! They know my kids & care for them excellently.

Michael E.

This gym is the total package, friendly staff, nice people around, lot of weights and machines, clean, wide, different activities are possible.
Love it.

Sergio L.

I LOVE this gym! The classes and instructors are awesome! I lost 2lbs in one week doing classes and personal training. Love that there is so much equipment you never have to wait.

Jessica H.

The Kid's Club is fantastic! It's great to be able to drop my baby off in friendly, trustworthy, loving hands. It's clean and the staff is wonderful. And it's inexpensive. Great care in the same building I work out.

Donna P.

I've been a member less than a month, but I've been very impressed with the trainers and staff. It's a very nice facility and I'm already seeing results from my Zone 4 class.

Jim A.

The instructors are amazing. they motivate me every time I go to a class and make me want to do better than I did the last time. I always get excited when I am heading to my class. The front desk staff are helpful and so pleasant. I'm so happy at one life!

Tanya S.

I love this Gym!  Aside from all of the fun classes & activities, the overall environment invites like minded individuals that are simply trying to get a little more fit than yesterday. Some people think the gym is intimidating but they have a Zone 4 Class that ensures the individual is hitting each station and sure to kick your butt!

Annissia P.

I love this gym. There's a pool, track and a variety of cardio and strength building equipment.  But my favorite are the classes.  They have great instructors and an awesome choice of classes.  They offer a free introduction.  Come and see what I am talking about! Onelife Forever!

Susan P.

Great gym. Comfortable environment. I love how energizing the whole place is! I am excited to get up in the morning to go to the gym! Staff and facilities are all great! I just started my trial run of the Zone 4 training which is honestly one of the best workouts I have ever had!

Hayley W.

This gym is incredible. Top-of-the-line equipment, lap pool, onsite theater, basketball courts, functional intense training areas, group exercise classes throughout the day (7 days/week), spa-inspired locker rooms...what more could I ask for?

Michelle L.

Zone 4 is amazing and changes every day and the support that I get from Nicole is exceptional. She gets to know her clients on a personal level and it's not just a job, it's a passion for her and it shows. The little things that she does for us speak volumes as to how much she values us as customers!

Melissa J.

I highly recommend the Z4 program for anyone who loves the gym and would like a little extra motivation. It definitely keeps me coming back!

Britny D.

I've been going to Zone4 classes with Coach Tom since February, and I enjoy how all of the workouts are structured to give your body minimal rest periods and maximum exertion - it's a great workout mixing strength training and cardio, and I'm excited we now have a dedicated space for this small group training.

David O.

Best gym & Zumba instructors ever! Such good energy there!

Julia H.

This is an awesome and amazing gym! One Life is the best one I have ever belong to and absolutely love it :-) it is clean, professional and I cannot say enough good things about it. I would never consider going anywhere else. I love all of the cardio equipment, free weights, circuit training and classes. The locker rooms are exceptionally clean and well-kept. Another plus is the Wi-Fi.

Virginia D.

Tennis programs are the best. Youth programs in tennis are the best. I learned to play better tennis. Dance mad aerobics are free for members. Instructors are Good.

Maria G.

My daughter loved her experience at the summer tennis camp here! The friendly and caring staff helped her to fall in love with the sport. They have a great child-to-staff ratio and the kids get good conditioning and a solid foundation in tennis fundamentals. So glad we found this camp!

Mary J.

I'm glad someone told me about this place.  It's definitely my kind of gym.  Lots of NEW equipment, never a wait for cardio equipment.  Racquetball courts, tanning beds, basketball court, FREE classes, on-site chiropractor, rock climbing wall, etc... It's simply great.

Cory S.

I love this gym. They have everything you could want in a gym: sauna, pool, hot tub, hot yoga, classes galore, stretch equipment/area, tons of machines, basketball gym, childcare, hydro-massage, etc, etc. Overall our family is very happy here- there's something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Kerry W.

We’ve been taking our son to EP for over 3 years for strength and agility training. He started as a “middle of the pack” swimmer who has been transformed into a national level competitor thanks to the training of Rhys Gully, Kris Johnson, and the Staff at Onelife. They really understand the physiology of the sports they support and provide well balanced training. The exercises customized for both the sport and the individual needs. There is no shortage of specialized equipment and a great, supportive environment to maximize the training.

NCAP parent

We’ve been training with EP and Avatus for 7 seasons. In those 7 years we’ve won 3 conference championships, 3 county, and 3 regional championships, 2 state final appearances, and 1 State Championship. He’s personable and his passion and expertise are like no other. I love his ability to teach kids not just train them. Our team is physically and mentally ahead of anyone else, we have a high level of confidence because we are getting the best training in the DMV.

Rob Garner Head Coach Wise Boys Varsity Basketball

I’ve been working with EP in the off-season for strength, power, and agility. I feel more agile and stronger than ever. Thank you EP!

Lori Lindsey USWNT Midfielder

In preparing for the Olympics and I really wanted a complete training. I’ve been working on my strength, agility, and explosiveness and I’ve gotten all that with Explosive Performance.

Becky Sauerbrunn USWNT Defender

That type of training (EP) is very hard, it really takes it to the next level so that when the 4th quarter comes that you are ready to hit that next gear and perform better than (the rest). I hate it the way it makes you feel at the time but it translates over into (performance) in crunch time for whatever sport you play. I guarantee (training with EP) you will be a better athlete.

Lorenzo Alexander Pro Bowl NFL Linebacker

Train like the pros with EP or your opponents will!

Antwaan Randle El Superbowl Champion

I’d like to thank Kevin and Chris for all the hard work they do. The great thing about this is that everybody wants to be bigger faster and stronger, but it’s a special type of training to be able to do all of that. Here at Explosive Performance we do all the training we need, to be successful during the season.

Kedric Golston NFL Defensive Lineman

I felt like I needed to prepare for my next training camp and training with (EP) prepared me for the intensity of camp and multiple games. I think preparing with EP was fantastic because they tailor exercises for me and my specific position. EP training has helped me tremendously and I had a great camp. I felt like I had some much more explosiveness out of my first few steps and we really worked on my defensive footwork.

Ali Krieger USWNT Defender

I just had knee surgery and I’ve struggled for the last several years with issues with my knees. We decided to do a different approach with (EP) to make sure that this time around I was the strongest I’ve ever been and get my explosiveness up. I feel as strong as I’ve ever been from toe to hand, and that time more aggressive coming out for the ball and stronger to take hits (on the field).

Ashlyn Harris USWNT Goalie

If you want to be an explosive athlete get with Explosive Performance!

Chris Wilson NFL Linebacker

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