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Aquatics Classes in Brambleton, VA

The philosophy of our Aquatics program is that everybody should not only learn how to swim, but also enjoy doing it! There's no better way to improve your fitness levels than in the water. At Onelife Fitness we're devoted to making this a positive, safe and rewarding experience for all ages.

Our Brambleton club offers flexible classes for individuals, groups and families, so dive into some of our frequently asked questions to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large are your pools?

Most are lap pools, composed of three to five lanes.

How much does a class cost?

Class fees vary depending on membership status and number of participants, but here is an example of our member rates (saving up to $15 per class):

  • One 30-minute swim lesson - $40
  • Six 30 minute swim lessons - $210 ($35 per lesson)
  • Twelve 30-minute swim lessons - $360 ($30 per lesson)

Do you offer any specialized classes?

 Alongside our Child, Family and Lap classes, we run Swim Team Prep: a one hour class that helps swimmers get in shape and improve stroke technique for swim team.

Are there any restrictions on aquatic exercise?

It's always vital to visit your physician for advice before taking part in any exercise. However, swimming can be a great aid in managing existing conditions like blood pressure and arthritis.

What are some of the benefits of water-based exercise?

Aquatics is a fantastic way to get fit. It can benefit your heart, muscles and bones as well as exerting gentle resistance pressure aiding balance and coordination. You get all of these great benefits while the water keeps your body cool!

I'm currently pregnant. Am I able to join in?

 Water-based activities can really help deal with the demands of pregnancy. Not only does swimming reduce stress, it can directly strengthen abdominal and shoulder muscles which relieves the strain of carrying a baby.

Is an instructor really necessary?

An instructor is an invaluable aid in safe and productive exercise. If you're new to the water or have been away for a while, an instructor's expertise is key in easing you in and familiarizing you with the element. If you're confident in the water, there's always room to improve your technique or even set your sights on competitive swimming, both of which an instructor can help with.

Does swimming really burn a lot of calories?

More than cycling, walking or running due to the all-over body demands created by the water. The great fat-burning results of aquatics are balanced out by the low levels of impact on the muscles, joints and bones. So basically, you're getting the most out of exercise while putting your body through the least impact.


Ready to give aquatics a try? You can checkout our Brambleton location website here.