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Aquatics Classes in Falls Church, VA

Whether you're new to the pool or can swim like a fish, there's no arguing that aquatics takes everyone back to their element. Our bodies are 60% water which may help explain why water-based exercise is not only kindest to our bodies, but offers perhaps the most in terms of fitness rewards.

If you've been considering getting back into the pool, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of classes are on offer?

You can enjoy Family Swim, Child Swim School and Swim Team Prep classes with our qualified instructors.

Are all the classes mixed gender?

 We offer a one-hour For Women Only class, which allows women to relax, have fun and get fit in a comfortable environment. There you can do laps, learn to swim, or just enjoy the water in one-on-one or group classes.

Does swimming really burn a lot of calories?

More than cycling, walking or running due to the all-over body demands created by the water. The great fat-burning results of aquatics are balanced out by the low levels of impact on the muscles, joints and bones. So basically, you're getting the most out of exercise while putting your body through the least stress.

How much does a class cost?

Class fees vary depending on membership status and number of participants, but here is an example of our member rates (saving up to $15 per class):

  • One 30-minute swim lesson - $40
  • Six 30-minute swim lessons - $210 ($35 per lesson)
  • Twelve 30-minute swim lessons - $360 ($30 per lesson)

What are some of the benefits of water-based exercise?

Aquatics are a fantastic way to get fit. They can benefit your heart, muscles and bones as well as exerting gentle resistance pressure aiding balance and coordination. You get all of these great benefits while the water keeps your body cool!

I'm currently pregnant. Am I able to join in?

 Water-based activities can really help you deal with the demands of pregnancy. Not only does swimming reduce stress, it can directly strengthen abdominal and shoulder muscles which relieves some of the strain of carrying a baby.

How many attend the group classes?

These are small groups comprising up to six people, and they can be scheduled flexibly.

Swimming is a perfect way to get fit and have fun. Get fit for the beach by attending one of our classes. Feel free to get in touch with questions, comments or to find out more about our Aqua Tots, Aqua Babies and lifeguard training classes.


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