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Aquatics Classes in Frederick, MD

The philosophy of our Aquatics program is that everybody should not only learn how to swim, but also enjoy doing it! There's no better way to improve your fitness levels than in the water. At Onelife Fitness we're devoted to making this a positive, safe and rewarding experience for all ages.

Our North Frederick club offers flexible classes for individuals, groups and families, so dive into some of our frequently asked questions to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special classes for very young kids? 

Absolutely! You can come and swim with your little ones (under 5 years of age) at no cost with our Mommy and Me class. We have two lanes for use of toys, noodles, and just having fun.

How can aqua therapy help me?

Aqua therapy takes full advantage of the low-impact nature of water-based movement. It's an effective way to positively affect conditions such as arthritis, joint problems, and recovery from injury. The gentle resistance provided by the water can improve strength, coordination, and balance.

Will aquatic exercise help if I'm overweight?

Yes! Not only will the buoyancy lift you physically and mentally, it's an excellent way to burn calories while being very kind to your joints. In fact, swimming is the best possible workout combined with the lowest impact. If you'd prefer not to do laps, you could simply tread water or run on the spot and allow the water resistance to tone you up.

What are the age requirements for child swim school? 

This fundamental class is available for children over 5.

How long do the classes run for?

In general, group sessions last for six weeks with the individual classes running 30 minutes or an hour.

How many attend the group classes?

These are small groups of up to six people, and they can be scheduled flexibly.

Can I count on qualified coaching?

Our team's credentials range from USMS (Unites States Masters Swimming) certification for our Masters program, to water safety and CPR (in which all of our coaches are qualified).

Do members get particular benefits?

If you're a new member you can enjoy three starter classes free of charge, and ongoing membership ensures discounts and savings with adults paying $15 less per lesson, and children $7.50 less.

Ready to join an aquatic class? You can quickly review our class schedule to see when you can attend, or get in contact with questions, comments or to find out more about our Aqua Tots, Aqua Babies, and lifeguard training classes.


Aquatics Classes are Available in Frederick, MD Locations: