The Hidden Benefits of H2O

If you loved the pool as a kid, you’ll love it even more as an adult! In-pool exercise will change the way you look and feel. You can take Swim Fitness Classes, Swimming Lessons, and even join a Swim Team at any of our Onelife locations. There’s more than you might think you can do in the water. You won’t believe the fun and health benefits that are just below the surface!

Life-Saving Lessons

Don’t let your fear of the water keep you from having fun. We’ll help you build confidence in the pool with lessons and programs for adults and children of any age. And by any age, we mean infants, too. Our indoor and outdoor pools are the best place to learn basic water safety before venturing out on lakes or in the ocean. We can also teach you CPR. Earn your certification for this life-saving skill through American Red Cross classes. Our certified instructors can also teach you Lifeguarding and First Aid so you feel prepared and safe in any situation in the water.

Build Strength & Endurance

Adding a workout in the pool to your routine can change everything. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It forces exaggerated breaths to build lung capacity and a healthy heart. The long-reaching action of your swim strokes build core body and back muscles. Contact our Aquatics Team to learn more, or visit one of these Onelife pool locations.

Low-Impact Benefits

Water is a healthy exerciser’s best friend. It provides steady resistance, but exerts almost no impact on your joints. Are you recovering from an injury? It’s difficult to find a better rehabilitation plan than Aqua Aerobics or several of our other in-pool personal training programs.

No Equipment Necessary

Not all physical activities are created equally. And some require much more equipment than others. Swimming is an essential life skill—and the only equipment you need is a swim suit. It’s a skill that can be easily mastered and used for the rest of your life. You’ll build up muscle, and work your way toward a healthier heart. Swimming is a physical activity you can undertake at any age or skill level.