The Explosive Performance Difference

Golf is a game of precision, and precisely understanding your physical capabilities – and limitations – is the first step to improving your game.


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Instead of eyeballing a golfer’s body or swing, TPI-Certified Level 1 Trainers use proprietary screening tools that build a detailed picture of your physical readiness. This data is then correlated to your unique swing characteristics – known as the Body-Swing Connection™.

Step 2: Analysis

Using the results of the screening process, your TPI-Certified Trainer can then identify physical limitations that may be inhibiting your swing efficiency and durability. The goal is to make you a better golfer so you can truly enjoy the game.

Step 3: Action

Finally, your TPI-Certified Trainer uses the results of their analysis to identify physical factors holding you back from playing your best. They then develop a personalized training plan designed to optimize your body for the game of golf.

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