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Amy Pizzati, 46: From 187 to 149 pounds!

I’m definitely more confident about myself. I don’t mind putting on my bathing suit in the summer. As I’ve gotten older, I find life moves very fast. Keeping myself in the best shape allows me to live life to its fullest. If being healthy was easy, everyone would do it. It’s being dedicated to yourself, and it’s really not about weight loss but feeling good about yourself and knowing you’re living a healthy life.

My biggest challenge was maintaining. I find having a trainer holds me accountable. If you have someone who expects to see you, you’ll be more likely to show up.

Amy was able to build muscle with HIIT Training and with a Personal Trainer at Onelife Fitness.

Brad: lost 30 pounds, lowered blood pressure & still coaching at 60. 

My wife and I made the decision to start working on feeling better about ourselves. I was also determined to fit back into my favorite pants that I refused to throw away! After an initial consultation, we were given a tour and were shown how to use the equipment. We felt assured that if we ever had any questions, all we had to do was ask the staff.

Since then, I have been coming in usually three times a week. We attend the yoga and pilates classes as a couple, and my wife enjoys doing the dance fitness classes. We stay engaged by varying our workout routine. I usually do one day of weight training, one day of cardio and one day of a combination. In addition, the staff is without exception, knowledgeable, approachable and always motivational.

I’d like to thank Onelife Fitness and the staff for helping me lose 30 pounds, lowering my blood pressure to a safe level and restoring my pride and confidence in myself – oh yeah, and getting back into my favorite pants!

Bruno Arrais lost 120 pounds!

My weight was over 300 pounds; my doctor was very concerned. She wanted me to come back in four months and, if I didn’t get better, she was putting me on cholesterol medicine.

The beginning, that is when I struggled the most. I am so competitive, even with myself. When I started, I told myself I did not want that medication. I had to go back to my doctor in four months. When she saw me, she was in shock. Because I didn’t want to take the medicine, I thought, ‘I am going to work out as much as I can. I am going to lose as much as I can.’ … Going to the gym every day is very boring. … (But) once you do something you like there, that is fun, it makes a difference.

Everything has changed. Physically, of course, but mentally I want to do more. I used to want to stay home all weekend; now I want to do things. I want to play with my kids more; I am way more active. When you’re heavy, you are too tired to move.

Bruno is a part of our Group Exclusive program which is high intensity small group training!

Jason: A whole new me!

We have been training for 6 months, and my progress has dramatically exceed any of my expectations. During my time with Kevin, my results have been amazing! I lost 70 pounds, reduced my body fat from 33% to 17% and lost 10 inches off my pant size.

More Importantly, I am type II diabetic. When I started my training I was on 4 different medications just for Diabetes, yet my A1C was still high (12.4). I am now on only 1 low dose of Metformin and my last two A1Cs have been 5.4 and 6. I was also struggling with high blood pressure. My medication for this was cut in half.

I have also been struggling with injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. Kevin has worked with me to improve my mobility, flexibility, and balance! I hope this helps anybody who is trying to decide whether to try the trainer program. Every cent I spent on training was well used!

Jason joined Onelife Fitness and enrolled in a SmartStart intro session. From there he met his trainer, Kevin.

Jordan Kohanim, 38: From 190 pounds to 120 pounds!

All it took was one look at the photo of herself holding Teacher of the Year Award to convince 37-year-old Jordan Kohanim she needed to make a change. 

I get up at 4:30 am to get to my Onelife Fitness gym. I call us the Dawn Patrol. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I exercise six days a week. Now, I am working on building muscle. I do HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) three days a week and weight training with plyometric warm-ups.

I have so much more energy now. I work two jobs, so I sometimes go from 4:30 a.m. in the morning until 9 p.m. at night. I used to be exhausted after those long days. I’d come home, flop on the couch and eat junk and zone out— reeling from how tired I felt. Now, I have more energy…I enjoy doing things more because I am not so tired.

Jordan was able to lose weight and build muscle with HIIT Training and weight training at Onelife Fitness. She now exercises six days a week!

Turner Britton: Onelife Fitness Member Climbs Kilimanjaro!

In early July, after eight months of training, 65-year-old Onelife Fitness member Turner Britton and his partner, Rita Grayson, completed their hike up the third-tallest mountain of the Seven Summits, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

With two full joint replacements – a right hip in July 2010 and a knee in January 2016 –the almost-66-year-old is still going strong, but now with the help of the Onelife Fitness trainers, who he said have helped transform his body like never before.

“I’ve been in a good conditioning state most of my life – there were probably a couple of dozen years where I drank too much wine and didn’t have enough exercise, but overall, I’ve been pretty healthy,” he said. “Finally, though, I said, ‘You know what? I want to change my body composition.”

“I had never hired a trainer before, but I went to Onelife Fitness and my trainers, Shelly and Carlos, put a program together where I trained two times a week for eight months. Though my weight was fine, the goal was to reduce weight while [gaining] more muscle mass and less fat, and now my body is different than it ever has been."

Turner transformed his body composition with the help of Personal Training at Onelife Fitness!