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Many Onelife gyms have a full-size pool for swimming and aqua fitness. Learn the basics, improve your technique, train for a triathlon or just enjoy a refreshing aqua fitness class. We offer classes and lessons for children, teens and adults of all ages.



Swimming is low impact, so it’s good for injury recovery, compromised joints and older athletes, yet it’s also challenging enough to provide a serious full-body workout. Onelife swimming options include fitness classes, lessons and even a swim team.

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Improve your technique or learn from scratch. Onelife Club offers programs and instructional classes for any age or ability. Our swimming pools are meant for everyone including children and the elderly! Swimming, water-sports, and aerobics are fun and challenging ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and increase fitness.

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High-energy for the calories, low impact for the safety. Using the natural resistance of water, aqua fitness classes help you get in shape and put some refreshing fun back into your routine.

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