Not Your Average Gym

Onelife offers a premium fitness experience that extends beyond your workout. Our locations offer cutting-edge gym equipment, specialized training programs, awesome classes and amenities to reach your goals.

Studio Experience

We have classes for every goal and everybody. Refresh your routine with our energizing studio classes and achieve more from your workout with the camaraderie and support of others.



No other family of fitness clubs offers the possibilities of OneLife. Our members have an incredible selection of activities, including cardio, lifting, sports, swimming, group fitness and some of the best Certified Personal Trainers in the industry.

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Personal Training

Onelife Fitness has the newest in cutting-edge training equipment including free weights, circuit stations and functional training areas with turf.

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Zone 4

Z4 is the ultimate workout combining intervals of cardio and functional training movements in a fun and motivating group setting, designed to help you burn 500-1000 calories in one session!

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Explosive Performance

Better training makes better athletes. What sets explosive Performance apart from other "athlete training" programs? Intense focus on form.

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Onelife Fitness believes that a strong mind leads to a strong body. Connect your brain to your workout in our Mind+Body classes. Sign up for a class now!

Functional Turf Training

Dial up the intensity and train like an athlete.

Fast Fit 20 Circuit

Enjoy a true total-body workout in 20 minutes.

Relax & Recover

HydroMassage, Hypervolt Massage, NormaTec Compression

Club Features

In addition to world-class gym equipment and workout spaces, our clubs are designed with excellent amenities that elevate your experience. We offer enhancements such as pools, saunas, whirlpools, hydro-massage, on-site childcare and luxurious locker rooms.

Racquet Sports

Enjoy the cardio benefits of this fast-paced game with nonstop action.

Basketball courts

Hit the hardwood for a fast, fun way to get your heart pumpin’.


Come on in! Who knew total-body fitness could be this refreshing in both our fresh and salt water pools.

Indoor running

A year-round space to for sprints, distance running and more.

Group Fitness classes

Elevate your workout with group accountability and shared energy.

Mind and body

Total-body wellness programs help you unwind and relax. Namaste!


Led by professional Pilates instructors you will find your path to a stronger, healthier you.


All the latest in exercise and free weight equipment.

Treadmills & Ellipticals

Run, walk or step your way to the best cardio fitness of your life.


Relax and and unwind in our whirlpools that promote recovery.

Kids club

Quality childcare in a safe, clean and welcoming environment.


Relax and give your recovering muscles all the benefits of dry heat.

hydro massage

Give tired muscles the deep treatment with water-assisted massage.

cycle studio

Turbo-charge your cardio with this powerful, inspiring group class.


Times flies when you’re having fun in our Onelife Cinema, filled with state of the art cardio equipment.

Sports Facilities

OneLife is where you can work out like a true athlete, beginning with our Explosive Performance training program. Beyond that, many of our locations offer basketball courts, swimming pools, racquetball courts, and more.

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Many Onelife gyms have a full-size pool for swimming and aqua fitness. Learn the basics, improve your technique, train for a triathlon or just enjoy a refreshing aqua fitness class. We offer classes and lessons for children, teens and adults of all ages.

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Swish! Did you know: basketball is a fantastic way to get your cardio in and have fun at the same time? Burn some extra calories while you enjoy the game.

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Racquet Sports

At Onelife Fitness anyone can find a new passion in a fun sport on our racquetball and tennis courts! We offer different leagues and classes for all ages.

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Explosive Performance

Better training makes better athletes. What sets explosive Performance apart from other "athlete training" programs? Intense focus on form. Proper form ensures maximum results - strengthening critical stabilizer muscles and avoiding common sports injuries.

Relax + Recovery

Onelife invests in state-of the art recovery equipment. Try our HydroMassage, Hypervice Hypervolt and NormaTec Compression equipment, and finish up in our luxurious locker rooms.