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Onelife. All the support you need.

Gain access to some of the best trainers in the industry. At Onelife Fitness, our Certified Personal Trainers specialize in different areas of fitness such as athletic training, weight loss, rehabilitation, beginner, youth, pre-natal, post-natal, weight gain, endurance, bodybuilding or just toning up.


Our trainers will help you:

  • Improve your overall fitness
  • Remain motivated and accountable
  • Work out smarter...not harder
  • Exercise in a way that is flexible and convenient

Our certified personal trainers can create a program that works with your schedule and budget. We offer 30 minute sessions or 1 hour sessions.  Whether you want to train once or several times a week, our programs are flexible enough to meet your needs. Prefer to work out with a friend or family member? We have partner training sessions as well. The trainer will add variety to your routine and incorporate weight and strength training, cardiovascular endurance, core training, flexibility and nutrition so you can reach your goals quickly and efficiently. 

Onelife. Real results.


Lisa S. from Virginia

“Onelife helped me turn my life around! I have lost fat and gained muscles. I am even running races! I'm eating better, more confident and have more energy.

My Onelife trainer personalized a workout that works for me, which allows the freedom to go at my own pace."

What Our Clients Say

I never thought the words “LOVE TO WORK OUT” would ever come out of my mouth. But I LOVE IT!!! I no longer take high blood pressure pills. I now weigh 148 pounds. I come to class 6 days a week. I am still learning how to have a healthy body each and every day but I have never felt so good about myself.

Sissi H.

I am coming up on 2 years of taking Fit360 from Stephen Johnson and doing personal training with him twice a week. I continue to use his services because he brings out in me what I can't seem to bring out myself. He motivates me, teaches and challenges me. He was helped me not only with my nutrition, but helped me achieve my goals.

Barbara M.

I am in excellent health, and have never felt better, stronger, or more confident. I know I could not have achieved my weight loss goal without the help I received.

Sissi H.

I like the challenge of working out with others and getting a trainer to push me beyond what I would normally do myself!


This gym changed my life. I signed up for the membership, honestly expecting to stop going after a couple weeks. I'm going on month two & I don't plan on stoping any time soon. I took advantage of the trainer sessions. Roland was my trainer, I no longer meet with a trainer but he gave me the right tools and motivation. He listened to my goals and gave me tips on how to meet them.

Andrea K.

It was Sydney who set me up right and I am forever grateful. I'm middle aged and over weight. After talking to her I realized I can become healthy! I can work out! She's just what I needed. I've been coming a couple months now and I feel right at home.

Susan J.

I would say this was the best thing I did by joining this gym. I’m not a workout person and hired a personal trainer for the first time to learn make changes the right way in my body. Thanks to Dustin my trainer for the way he so simplified the exercises to me and did not make me overdo it. His knowledge is amazingly good and helped me feel positive about myself. Now I know the workout regime and will highly recommend this gym to everyone.

Paromita B.

The instructors are amazing. they motivate me every time I go to a class and make me want to do better than I did the last time. I always get excited when I am heading to my class. The front desk staff are helpful and so pleasant. I'm so happy at one life!

Tanya S.