Onelife Fitness has worked with an environmental consultant to incorporate an eco-friendly building design into our new fitness centers. Our goal is to improve the communities we operate in by helping our members live happier, healthier and more energetic lives. We believe that if businesses are going to improve their communities, they must lower their energy consumption and usage of natural resources and work towards a cleaner planet.

Our new buildings incorporate many green initiatives, including UV water treatment processes which eliminate germs in the water enabling our pools to require significantly less chlorine, thereby providing a more enjoyable swim for our members. We also install white roofs instead of a black ones which dramatically increases energy efficiency. A black roof naturally absorbs heat from the sun and can reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees. A white roof on a 90 degree day heats up to only around 96 degrees.

We've invested in high efficiency HVAC units, upgraded High R- Value insulation, energy efficient thermostats, Low E windows which reduce heat build-up from the sun and are better insulated against the outside air, and energy efficient LED light bulbs and fixtures. Onelife Fitness has also implemented special fixtures that dramatically reduce overall water consumption in the facilities.

Onelife Fitness has also replaced the old signs at all of our health clubs with the newer LED technology. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, provide a lot more light with a lot less power and have a long product lifetime, reducing the waste of replacement bulbs.

At Onelife Fitness we believe that we have a responsibility to our communities and to our planet to incorporate sustainable business practices in our clubs and support further investment in ecologically sound energy and resource use. We will continue to search for new solutions that are environmentally friendly and increase energy efficiency while reducing waste.