America Making Progress Towards Health | Healthy America

America Making Progress Towards Health | Healthy America

Much of the attention of pandemic related negative behaviors has been on weight gain. 62% of Americans report that they gained more weight than they intended since the start of the pandemic. The good news is that as we progress towards a more hopeful future, the nation is simultaneously making progress towards their health. 


Advanced Dermatology wrote a very insightful article on the health habits of Americans and why some have thought they've gained weight during the pandemic. To read the full article click here


As a part of the article they surveyed more than 2,000 Americans on their health habits including the positive ones they've adopted as a resulting embrace towards improving their post pandemic health. 


Americans making strides towards health after pandemic

Source: Advanced Dermatology


As expressed in the chart above, Americans are now getting better sleep, eating healthier foods, and getting more daily physical activity and its proving beneficial to both their physical and mental health. 


What are some healthier habits you've been adopting that have been working best for your health goals?