McLean Onelife Fitness

Featuring 2 indoor pickleball courts and 4 outdoor pickleball courts.  

If you would like to reserve play times please contact the club. Members can make reservations at the front desk only, not available on the app.  We ask all members and guests to check in before heading up to play on the courts.



Clinics & Lessons

Pickleball First Timers Class: Never Played Pickleball, Learn the Rules, Scoring and Play.

Dink Dynasty Class: Non-Volley Zone Play with a soft and controlled touch.

Transition Zone Strategy: Learn To Navigate Your Way to the Non-Volley Zone from the Baseline.

Serve & Return with Depth: The easiest way to Improve Your Play

Open Play Social: All are free to members and all non-members for $7.50 plus tax for non-members.

Traditional Doubles

Doubles Date Night: Play with the love of your life to see if you’re compatible on the court.

2 vs 1: Is 2 better than 1? Come find out!

Singles Play: Who says you can’t get a sweat playing pickleball?

Skinny Single is just like regular singles with one exception. You can only hit the ball cross-court into your opponent’s half-court – the same half in which the ball was served.

Corporate Pickleball: Come with the intention to network and share with other players what you do. Or your company can book a team building clinic with one of our coaches.

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