Icel: The Power To Change

Icel: The Power To Change

In 2018 Icel was 216 pounds, 49% body fat and mentally tired of her current level of health and fitness.

Knowing she needed a change, she found the motivation to overhaul her diet and add weight and HIIT training to her workout routines at Onelife, but it wasn't until joining Zone4 that she discovered her true power had laid dormant all those years prior.



Icel Kuznetsova


With the help of her commitment to her Zone4 classes Icel lost over 52 pounds and dropped her body fat percentage down by 17%. While the weight loss is certainly impressive, what we find the most inspiring about Icel's story is the person she became afterward-the person that she never thought she would be.

Icel is more than a woman with an improved level of health, she's an athlete and avid marathon runner who has consistently set and broken new PR's with every event. Icel completed her 4th Marine Corps Marathon in 2019 and attributes a large majority of her success to the endurance Zone4 and her running group has helped her build.

"I've become stronger and faster...I know my commitment and dedication have led me to my success, but it was also with the help of OneLife and my running group." Icel Kuznetsova


As we begin a new year, and a new decade, we challenge you to take inventory of your life and ask yourself if you're harnessing your true power? Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, or become more healthy overall your journey starts here and your power to change is within.