Making the Most of Life | Mitch Kamine's Story

Making the Most of Life | Mitch Kamine's Story

He lost 41 pounds and says he is far from finished!

mitch kamine

Meet Mitch Kaminer, age 52 of Onelife Fitness. Mitch's incredible health and fitness journey has taken him from 220 pounds to 179 pounds - a loss of 41 pounds total! Keep reading below for more info on Mitch's progress and his secrets to success.

How long he's kept it off: He started in August 2017 and reached his current weight in May 2018.

Turning Point: "I decided to stop drinking alcohol in August 2017," Kaminer said. "I looked at myself one day and thought: 'I don't like what I see. I don't feel good this way. I'm better than this."

Diet Plan: He starts his day with a banana and protein bar. For lunch, he has a chicken salad wrap or salad with chicken. Dinner varies, usually fish, chicken or lean meat.

Exercise Routine: "I would say on average six days a week...between yoga, spin classes, weight lifting, singles tennis and I do long-distance bike riding," Kaminer said. "I go between 45 and 50 miles on a Sunday morning."

How Life has Changed: "My weekends are longer because I am waking up earlier," he said. "The best feeling in the entire world is that I can put clothes on and they are loose on me. The worst feeling in the world is putting on pants that are too tight and you feel like crap. I would never encourage anybody to do a diet. For me, it is a complete lifestyle change. In August of 2017, my blood pressure was 175/85 and now, I'm 117/70. It went down to phenomenal levels! For me, it is psychological - there is no way that I would ever let myself gain weight again."

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