Family Legacy of Service | Mother-Son Interview | Onelife

Family Legacy of Service | Mother-Son Interview | Onelife

Our very own General Manager, Karen Sevener, and her son, Tyler, a brave first responder on the front lines every day at Fairfax County Fire & Rescue, have so much in common! In addition to giving back, mother & son also enjoy sharing the love of fitness and cooking. We asked Tyler some Qu’s about his on for happiness and smiles....♥️


Q: What did you learn from your Mom about serving others? How did she influence you?

My mom taught me to always be kind and compassionate towards others. Just because something may not be a big deal to me, doesn’t mean it isn’t one to them. Always ask if someone needs help, even if you know the person will say no. 


Q: Favorite workouts / exercise you like to fire up with your Mom?

Hikes, lots of hikes together. It’s a favorite thing of hers to do, especially for her birthday and Mother’s Day. Together we’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Maui. (Tyler on his own, loves Leg Day and TRX workouts!)


Q: favorite healthy dish you and your mom like to cook together? 

Can’t beat grilled chicken breast with rice and broccoli 

(although I enjoy her baking even more :)


Here’s Tyler with his father, a career firefighter. Generations of giving back...

Tyler & Dad