From Ordinary to Extraordinary | Fitness Journey of Mario

From Ordinary to Extraordinary | Fitness Journey of Mario

What do you do when you're relatively healthy, but you feel like you're capable of so much more? One option could be binge watching your favorite aspirational figures on YouTube, always putting off the promise that you'll do better for yourself and your family. Or, you could do like Redmill member Mario and kick your determination and actions into overdrive! Today we sit down with 32 year old Mario and learn how his passion for being a model father figure helped him shed his dad bod once and for all. 



fitness journey of mario


Onelife: When did your fitness journey began?


Mario: I started to seriously get after my fitness in late May when I weighed 203, I had lost a good amount of body fat, but I wasn't satisfied with my overall appearance so I started working towards putting on muscle mass through strength training while maintaining a lean physique.



Onelife: What was the deciding point that lead to your transformation?


Mario: During the start of the pandemic I was focusing more on strength and mixed cardio but I started to put on weight as I was working out from home and not getting the proper training I needed from my club. I knew I had to get in better shape when my belts were getting noticeably tight and I had to consider buying new shirts. 


Mario's family


Onelife: How has Onelife Fitness helped facilitate your ability to live a healthier lifestyle?


Mario: Once the military allowed off base gyms again I was able to utilize Onelife's amenities including the childcare provided to get back into a routine. That was a game changer!


Onelife: What were some strategies you used to help stay on track towards your goal?


Mario: I've been into health and fitness since high school and have since learned that the best strategy is setting a routine and having clear goals. Adding small steps to keep track of progress and celebrating every achievement has been my best method to stay on track.


Onelife: What were some setbacks you encountered during your journey and how did you overcome them?


Mario: Sometimes life gets in the way or the perfect routine can't be done for one reason or another. To overcome distractions and set-backs I try to always remember, "One step at a time". I've related my journey to a stair climber, you can't get on the stair climber and have the steps start at 1000. You have to do the work to get there. 


Mario in gym


Onelife: What are some of the most noticeable positive changes that have happened since your transformation? 


Mario: I've noticed a lot more energy in my daily routine as well as increased strength and endurance during my workouts. I look forward to the gym and don't create excuses but instead find opportunities to chase my goal.

Onelife: In relation to being a father, what does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle and lead by example?


Mario: I always wanted to be a fun dad. Now that I am a father, I want to ensure I'm here for my family and I want the strength and longevity in my life that fitness brings. If something comes up like a hike, Race, or random adventure, I want to ensure I have the energy to do it.


Mario's family outing


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