Breast Cancer and Exercise | Empowering Journey

Breast Cancer and Exercise | Empowering Journey

Here is Donna's story...

breast cancer and exercise

As I sat in my car in a parking lot and listened to the doctor’s words, I felt like I was in a dream (more like a nightmare actually). No history of cancer in my family, 59 years old, eating healthy and exercising for over 20 years. I am in complete shock.

After two lumpectomies, I still had some cancer cells. Now seven months later, (double mastectomy and reconstruction) I am at the end of this journey. I taught group fitness classes between all of my surgeries, which helped me cope with what was happening to my body. Exercise definitely aided in my quick recoveries from four surgeries in such a short span of time. My doctors were so pleased and I was relieved.

If I could offer other women any words of advice, it would be to stay positive and focus on the good things in your life. A positive mind breeds positive results!

This Breast Cancer Awareness month, we encourage our members to make your health a priority and remember to get checked regularly.