13 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes | Delicious & Nutritious

13 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes | Delicious & Nutritious

Fall is HERE and we couldn't be more excited! Aside from saying, "Au revoir" to the humidity and welcoming the cooling temps, we love all the fall food favorites that come into this season including pumpkin! Mmmmmm...


Low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and minerals pumpkin is one of our go to forms of produce for Autumn. With it's low sugar content and firm texture the fruit (yes, pumpkin is actually a fruit) is extremely versatile and can be taken in many directions from sweet to savory to even a little spicy!


pumpkin soup

Food blogger Cookie+Kate has an amazing list of 13 healthy pumpkin recipes, we've made several of them for our family and friends and we simply can't get enough!


Click here to view all 13 recipes and let us know on social @onelifefit which ones you'll be making!