Back To School Meal Prep Ideas for the Week | Snacking Tips

Back To School Meal Prep Ideas for the Week | Snacking Tips

The Healthiest Way To Do The New Normal!


Today we’re talking about a “Full Day of Eating” for busy families and kids going back to school online.

What I love about the meal ideas that I’m about to show you is that they’re perfect for kids and busy parents and all easily customizable depending on what YOU have in your kitchen!


Before I get into the food, let’s quickly talk about the top 2 reasons having a plan when it comes to food for your family’s day and week is important:


  1. We And Our Kids Thrive off of Structure:
    We all do much better when we have routine. We’re more organized and productive, so let’s give ourselves some structure when it comes to our meals too! I tell my clients to stay flexible with their structure (contradictory I know) but it allows us to bend and mold with our forever changing days. So, that could look like having a rough plan to have breakfast between 7am and 9am, lunch between 12pm and 1:30pm, and dinner between 5pm and 7pm depending on hunger levels, meetings, when you get home from work, kid’s schedules, etc. I’ll tell my clients to set an alarm at the earlier part of their meal window so they can start thinking about when they’ll take a break from their busy lives to sit and eat! Not to mention, kids do much better with meal times than they do with constant snacking throughout the day.

  2. No Plan = One More Thing to Think About:
    When you don’t have a rough plan on what you or your family are going to eat for the week it’s one more thing you have to think about every single day. One more hour in your day you have to fluster to get something together or pull through the drive through. It’s annoying honestly. When you make a plan on Sunday, go grocery shopping, and maybe prep a meal or two, you have one less thing to think about Monday-Friday, a lot more money saved, and a lot less time (and calories) wasted in the drive through!





I’m biased. I love oatmeal for breakfast and think I have the best recipe. The perfect filling breakfast for you or the kids and can be made the night before, quickly in the morning, on a Sunday night and prepped for the week, or in a Tupperware to-go!





Lunch has never been easier for me. In this photo I just have mixed greens (already cut and washed from the grocery store), some eggplant and mushrooms I cooked over the stove with soy sauce, a low sugar dressing, and a frozen salmon patty you can find at any grocery store. Easy, fast, full of flavor, and perfect for you OR your kids.

snack plate

Snack Plate/Lunchable:


This is your lunchable made healthier! Kids love this because they can pick, use their fingers, and dip! Adults love it because it’s easy! Roll up some high quality turkey slices with spinach, cut up a couple cucumbers and sprinkle them with your favorite seasoning, add a cup of another raw veggie like tomatoes or carrots, put in a serving of whole grain crackers, and throw in hummus or guacamole for dipping! For some people this suffices as lunch, for others it’s a snack! Do what makes you feel good and keep it easy!







What I call “One Pot Meals” are the easiest thing to meal prep for the week. Things like soups, chili, stews, and curry dishes are so comforting and easy to throw together. I “fluff” up traditional recipes with double the veggies, protein, and a high fiber carb like chickpeas, beans, lentils, or a side of rice depending on your health goals. 

There you have it! 4 easy meals and snacks to help you and your family take control of your busy days! Life is crazy, make it easier by having a little plan, eating to give you real energy, and having fun while you do it :)

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Leena Abed

Certified Nutritionist, Fitness Enthusiast, Onelife Fitness Ambassador