Back to School with Less Stress

Back to School with Less Stress

Going back to school is hard on everyone in the family including parents. Now that school clothes are bought and supplies packed snug in backpacks, it’s time to think about ways for you to get ready. By “get ready” we mean destress. 


The Mayo Clinic describes yoga as a mind-body exercise that combines poses with breathing management and meditation. It is a way to challenge both your physical and your mental discipline to find that peace you need this time of year. Yoga is convenient, too. You can take a class right after you drop the kids off or work on your own at home in the evening after they are in bed. Stress relief is one of the primary benefits of yoga but it is also shown to improve physical fitness, balance, flexibility and range of motion. 


Like yoga, pilates combines breathing with poses to improve strength and fitness. Pilates is about building body awareness and a good foundation. Many of the poses focus on the core muscles because a stronger core means a stronger you. Yoga and Pilates are very similar and they complement each other well. Each focuses on breathing and body control. They both work the entire body, as well. What sets them apart, though, is the emphasis on training the core that is at the heart of Pilates poses. 

Mindbody Workouts

Yoga and Pilates both fit into this category but it’s broader than you might think. Yoga and Pilates tend to be a bit slow and calming by design. They may not be right for those days when you are looking for more action. What type of mind-body workouts can relieve stress and not require you to sit on a mat? Here are three that exercise your mind and body at the same time:

  • Boxing - It’s all in the timing and that takes mental focus. 
  • Rock Climbing - Mapping out a route to the summit builds brainpower. 
  • Dancing - A great way to train your mind and body at once. 

If you want to relieve back to school stress, the right exercise is the answer. 

Contact one of Onelife Fitness' certified fitness trainer for more information on how to impliment a training program to release some added stress.