The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

There is definitely strength in numbers. Teaming up with like-minded fitness buddies in a group setting is an amazing way to keep yourself accountable and drastically increase your chances of fitness success. Not sure if group fitness classes are right for you? Check out our top reasons why group classes are an amazing way to keep your fitness commitment:

No Planning Necessary

Think of all of the decisions you have to make when fitting in a workout: What time should I go to the gym? Is today a cardio or strength day? Elliptical or treadmill? Lower body or upper? What is the ideal number of squats for my summer bikini body? You get the idea…! Save yourself the hassle and frustration by selected your favorite classes from the group fitness schedule and putting them on your calendar in advance. No thinking required - just show up and leave the workout planning to your instructor! 


The Motivation to Keep Going

Losing steam during your workout? When working out on your own, it may be natural to slow down or take a break. But in a group class, all you have to do is look around the room to find the motivation to keep going - not to mention the continuous encouragement from your instructor! Feeding off of your classmates’ energy will give you the push you need to keep going and not give up - positive peer pressure! And bonus - knowing that your new fitness friends will wonder where you are if you don’t show up for the next class will give you extra motivation to keep coming back.


A More Complete Fitness Program 

When planning your own workout, it can be easy to do the same moves day in and day out. By trying out different classes, you’ll enjoy a wider range of exercises and workout styles to keep your body guessing. You can easily shake things up by alternating cardio-based classes with strength classes and yoga options. Even if you stick to the same class, your instructor will keep each workout fresh by changing up the moves performed. 


Expand your Circle

On your own, it’s easy to get lost in your own world on the fitness floor. You likely put your headphones in and tune the rest of the world out while you get to work. In a class setting, you’ll have a chance to meet plenty of people with similar goals, whether it’s a simple hello before class, or singing along together to the music. And new fitness friends is extra motivation to keep coming back to crush your fitness goals!


Try a group fitness class and discover for yourself the many benefits of working out with a group! From BarreOne, Zumba and BodyPump to Silver Sneakers and PiYo, we’ve got something for everyone. Find your perfect class here.