Burn the Bird

Burn the Bird


The holidays are here and there is nothing that makes it more special, than the food and family we share it with. We are set to consume approximately 4,500 calories and a massive 229 grams of fat, from general snacking and yummy holiday dinner. But this year we are going to use those calories as an opportunity to energize us through an epic workout. Join our OneLife family as we BURN THE BIRD this holiday season and turn our calories into fuel.


BURN THE BIRD (FULL BODY) (3 sets of each)

T- T-Plank (30 secs each side)

U- Upright Kettlebell Rows (single arm 10-15 reps)

R- Reverse Lunges (10-15 reps)

K-Kettlebell Squats (10-15 reps)

E- Elliptical (10 min)

Y-Y raise (superman position)