Perimeter Shopping for Fresh Foods

Perimeter Shopping for Fresh Foods

shopping.jpgUnless you have been under a rock, you have most likely at some point heard of perimeter shopping at your local grocery store.

What does this mean exactly and is it something you should consider? Perhaps!

Perimeter shopping refers to the method of grocery shopping where the consumer shops the
outer perimeter of the store and avoids the innermost section. The theory is that most stores
keep their fresh produce, refrigerated, and frozen sections on the “perimeter” of their stores. If
one was to shop ONLY the perimeter, they would be less likely to encounter packaged,
processed, often high in sugar goodies usually located in the center isles.

While some stores are laid out differently and most deli’s offer amazing looking desserts on
every corner, perimeter shopping can help people cut down on the amount of processed foods
they consume and purchase more fresh, nutrient dense foods.

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry, beans, and nuts should fill your cart (or buggy if you’re from my neck of the woods) which are all typically located on the perimeter of grocery
stores. If you or someone in your household has love for Little Debbie (I know she’s quite the
looker!) just don’t go there! Stay away! If you do not buy it, it will not be in your house, and you
will not consume it. It’s time to dump Little Debbie! She will understand!