Healthy Back To School SNacks Your Kids Will Crave!

Healthy Back To School SNacks Your Kids Will Crave!

We LOVE, they always have amazing recipe that are quick and easy to make for individuals on the go. We scoured the site for their healthiest, mouth watering recipe that your little fit ones will crave as they begin their school journeys once again. Whether you pack these for lunch or save them for an after school energy boost, each snack is nutritious, delicious, and ridiculously delectable! Take a look at the list below and click the name of the snack to view the recipe. 
Quick mix biscuits

2Quick mix biscuits

These bikkies will take no time at all to make, and will disappear just as quickly!

Lemon curd bliss balls

3Lemon curd bliss balls

These lemony bliss balls are a little bit naughty, but a whole lot of nice! Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Sesame puffed rice bars

4Sesame puffed rice bars

Make your own healthier version of puffed rice bars. They're perfect for the school lunchbox.

Tuna and zucchini slice

5Tuna and zucchini slice

This gluten-free zucchini slice with the addition of tuna makes for an easy and healthy lunch!

Cheesy pumpkin nuggets

7Cheesy pumpkin nuggets

Nuggets just went vegetarian! We love these pumpkin and cheese-stuffed crumbed balls of goodness.

Banana, oat and seed cookies

8Banana, oat and seed cookies

These banana and oat cookies are a delicious lunch box filler your kids will love! Make a big batch and store leftovers in the freezer.

Ham and potato hash browns

9Ham and potato hash browns

Turn the humble hash brown into a tasty and filling snack for the kids, with the addition of ham, cheese and crunchy spring onions.

Red berry smoothie

10Red berry smoothie

Make the most of seasonal berries in this creamy, low-sugar smoothie.

Crunchy popcorn cauliflower

12Crunchy popcorn cauliflower

Try a vegie take on spiced popcorn chicken, with roasted cauliflower florets. A very tasty snack the kids will love!

Cheesy Hawaiian bread sticks

13Cheesy Hawaiian bread sticks

Mix the concept of pizza and breadsticks, and you end up with these delicious cheesy Hawaiian snacks that can be dinner for the kids or finger food at your next party!

Sushi for kids

14Sushi for kids

Get your kids in the kitchen to party and cook up a storm!

Honey bubble slice

15Honey bubble slice

Your kids will love this health-right snack of honey coated rice bubbles.

Little fishwiches

18Little fishwiches

Make a splash with your next children's party by creating these mini tuna sandwiches.

Coconut banana bread

21Coconut banana bread

Kids and adults alike with love this coconut banana bread. It makes for a great snack or afternoon treat.

Sweet corn and ham fritters

24Sweet corn and ham fritters

These fritters can be eaten hot or cold so are perfect to pack into kids' lunch boxes or to have in the fridge as an after-school snack.

Cheesy corn and tuna balls

26Cheesy corn and tuna balls

These quick, easy and delicious balls are packed with mashed potato, cheddar cheese, tuna and corn. They're perfect for a snack, quick budget dinner or lunchbox treat.

Honey and banana smoothie

27Honey and banana smoothie

For this smoothie, you could also use 1 large mango or 1 cup of chopped strawberries instead of the banana.

Quick corn nachos

28Quick corn nachos

Ready in just twenty minutes, this nachos recipe uses corn to mix up this Mexican meal.

Apple and bran muffins

31Apple and bran muffins

Start the day right with these wholesome apple and bran muffins, perfect for breakfast or a quick snack on the go!

Broad bean, avocado and mint dip

32Broad bean, avocado and mint dip

This mint, avocado and broad bean dip will have your guests raving about your dinner party. Mint gives this quick snack a freshness that is perfect with raw veggies.

Mediterranean fritters

34Mediterranean fritters

These crunchy Mediterranean fritters make for a quick and easy snack or bite-sized finger food.

Hash browns

36Hash browns

Serve these super crispy hash browns with bacon and eggs for breakfast or as a snack.

Choc chip and oat slice

40Choc chip and oat slice

This quick and easy slice is a great addition to the lunchboxes of kids and adults alike!