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Posted By Onelife Fitness on Dec 7, 2017 11:20:57 AM

Helping get you through the holiday season without losing track of your progress...


Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s — these are supposed to be times of celebration, togetherness, and happiness. But, let’s be honest sticking to that fitness routine can be challenging. You’ve worked so hard to eat well and get to a point where you’re not dying at every workout. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste! Here are some helpful tips help you stay true to your health and fitness plan, while attending holiday parties with your family this holiday season!

  1. Eat Well - Choose healthy options every day and stick with it, even if you’re traveling or planning on having company. Plan healthy options full of protein and colorful veggies as your appetizers or sides. Not only will YOUR body feel better, but your company will enjoy a healthy option too!
  2. Stay Active - Just because it’s the holiday season, doesn’t mean you have to take a holiday from the gym. Be sure to keep up your fitness routine. The holidays are the best with your #fitfamily! It’s a great time to talk about ‘healthy’ or no so healthy recipes, who’s kids are coming home, or where you’re traveling. Plus, there are usually holiday themed classes which makes burning those festive calories much more fun!
  3. Treat Yourself - Be sure to allow yourself some cheat meals/desserts. It’s the holidays! If you know you’re going to be tempted by all those yummy pies, cakes and cookies, go ahead. Just remember to keep it light! During dinner fill up on lots of protein and veggies, maybe pass on that second scoop of mashed potatoes or stuffing.

Above all else, enjoy your holiday! This is the time to be social, spend time with family and even indulge (a little). Say yes to the eggnog and the cookie. Balance it out, and invite your friends and family to get active on a walk around your neighborhood to see the lights or go ice skating. You don’t have to sacrifice everything to achieve your health and fitness goals. Share your healthy holiday living with us at #IHaveOnelife.

What Our Clients Say

Really great gym. The layout is perfect, never a competition for cardio equipment and the classes have all been awesome.

Shawna W.

I love this place, great environment, friendly staff and customers. I've been here about three weeks and its worth my time, I'm really motivated to get into shape.

James L.

I love this gym. They have everything you could want in a gym: sauna, pool, hot tub, hot yoga, classes galore, stretch equipment/area, tons of machines, basketball gym, childcare, hydro-massage, etc, etc. Overall our family is very happy here- there's something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Kerry W.

They have all the cardio machines you need with a full movie cardio room. Heated swimming pool. Full sized basketball court. Tons of free weights and cable machinery. You should never have to stand around waiting to use anything. All the amenities are beautiful. The sauna is great. They have private showers for all guests and FREE WIFI!!

Ken P.

I'm a huge fan of the Onelife Fitness in Newport news, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. The gyms are well equipped, well run, and all have very diverse range of equipment and classes to suit most fitness needs.

Troy W.

Love this gym! They have everything, it's very clean and aesthetically pleasing, there's a pool, hot tub, sauna, nice locker rooms, basketball court, two floors of workout equipment, great classes, etc etc! For the price you pay, it is a really great deal and definitely makes working out fun and enjoyable! Would highly recommend.

Konnor M.

I love this place! Customer service is awesome! Front desk always smiling and greets you! There is such a wide selection of classes in afternoons, evenings and weekends. So, even though I am a working mom i can find a class perfect dor my schedule! LOVE Nicole's hot yoga!

Tracy Guy

Probably the best gym I've ever been a member of. Great customer service, huge and has everything. Just about any exercise, article or video you've seen where you've said "I've never even seen that equipment before", this gym has that equipment.

Donald B.

Love this gym! Such a spectacular price, location, and convenience. I signed up the first day of my free 3 day pass because I fell in absolute love. The trainers are amazing. I workout with Adam and love his guidance and motivation during the training session. All the equipment is new and beautiful. In addition to the wonderful trainers and equipment, the group classes are empowering. I also enjoy using the space if a class is not going on. You must join this gym!

Alanna R.

This gym is the total package, friendly staff, nice people around, lot of weights and machines, clean, wide, different activities are possible.
Love it.

Sergio L.

I LOVE this gym! The classes and instructors are awesome! I lost 2lbs in one week doing classes and personal training. Love that there is so much equipment you never have to wait.

Jessica H.

This gym is incredible. Top-of-the-line equipment, lap pool, onsite theater, basketball courts, functional intense training areas, group exercise classes throughout the day (7 days/week), spa-inspired locker rooms...what more could I ask for?

Michelle L.

This is an awesome and amazing gym! One Life is the best one I have ever belong to and absolutely love it :-) it is clean, professional and I cannot say enough good things about it. I would never consider going anywhere else. I love all of the cardio equipment, free weights, circuit training and classes. The locker rooms are exceptionally clean and well-kept. Another plus is the Wi-Fi.

Virginia D.