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Just say Cheese!

Just say Cheese!

The Amazing Power of a Smile

What could be easier than simply smiling? It's easy to say, yet often people just don't do it and get out of the habit of smiling. The power of a smile can change the world, one smile and one person at a time. Have you had someone smile at your and you felt your mood instantly change? Yep...that's what we mean! We truly have the power to make ourselves, and others, feel better whenever we want to. Tap into those SMILE Superpowers today! Just try it and see how it can change your world and the restof the world:) 




The act of smiling actually makes us feel better...

Charles Darwin wrote about this phenomenon in his "Theory of Evolution," describing how facial feedback helps us feel better when we smile. The physical act of smiling sends feedback to our brains telling us that we're happy!:) 


Smiling is contagious! 

It's evolutionary. Human beings have evolved over time to mimic other people's expressions in order to experience their physical emotions, helping us to understand their emotional state.That's why it's generally difficult to frown at someone who is smiling back at you:) 


We've been smiling since birth (and even before)...

Most people smile more than twenty times daily, and if you're a child, then you likely smile up to four hundred times a day! Smiling is one of the most basic biological human expressions. Studies from around the world, show that every civilization and tribe smile to express joy and satisfaction:) 


Smiling stimulates our brains more effectively than chocolate does...

Hard to believe, eh? It's true, however. Chemically speaking, one smile stimulates the human brain the same amount as eating up to 2000 bars of chocolate. (OK, that's a lot of chocolate) 


Smiling makes you healthier...

Smiling causes a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing mood-enhancing hormones and reducing high blood pressure. It also reduces stress chemicals! Not too shabby! 


Smiling makes you look more attractive and competent...

Studies show that when you smile, you appear to be more likable, courteous and competent. You'll also reduce the stress level in whomever you're smiling at!:)