Ayesha Khan is a DMV native and reporter with Fox 5 D.C where for the past year, she has been sharing her experience and fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Ayesha was diagnosed with the stage 3 disease in July 2021. Since then, she has been chronicling her journey in the Fox 5 series, ‘Cancer: Fight over Fear’ with hopes of providing helpful information to her community.


Ayesha went through the process of freezing her eggs, to having a single mastectomy of the right breast, to enduring 16 grueling rounds of chemotherapy and finishing up with 30 rounds of radiation just this past July. 

While she is so grateful to be alive, she is continuing to learn how to navigate life while on long term medications to prevent the cancer from returning. Whenever her body allows, she loves to stay busy with her career as a news reporter, advocating for regular screenings and mammograms — while also working out, running and teaching her beloved indoor cycling classes within Onelife Fitness.