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Member Success: Rob Mennell

Member Success: Rob Mennell

From the outside looking in Onelife Fitness member Rob Mennell may seem like your typical all around hardcore military veteran, but a deeper look into what makes Rob truly tick reveals a man who is all about self sacrifice in and outside of the gym. 


We sat down with Rob last week for our Members Success Series with the intention to understand how his military mindset helps give him the discipline and drive he needs to perform at his very best, but we quickly found out that it wasn't the service that he uses as his backbone- it's his service to other people that motivates him in the gym. Rob works with Spirit Equestrian, a local non-profit organization that works with mentally disabled children and military veterans who suffer from PTSD, and believes that it's his responsibility to be as healthy as he can be in order to have the ability to meet the physical demands that his volunteer work require. And whenever he's feeling fatigued during his workouts and he hears the little voice in his head telling him, "Its okay to call it quits" he thinks about his fellow soldiers who can no longer train due to injuries and gathers the strength to pump out one last rep for them. 

As you move closer towards your fitness goals this month take some time out to think about who else's life you'll have a positive impact on by becoming a healthier version of yourself, it may be the driving force you need the next time the little voice in your head is telling you that it's okay to call it quits. 


Click here to watch the full interview on Rob Mennell.