Quaranteam Season 1. Ep 6

Quaranteam Season 1. Ep 6

Tips, Inspiration & Essentials from the QuaranTeam! 


As we move into the extra zesty season of Summer, and brighter, sunnier days, we are excited to stay connected with you, whether indoors or out! From the city to the sea, we continue to share our series of ideas, tips and essentials from our Onelife QuaranTeam. Here's what they've been up to, why they choose coffee or tea, how they're staying positive and fit, and more! 


Melissa, General Manager


Q: How you’re staying fit and healthy?

The only bonus of this quarantine is that the weather is finally warming up again! Every evening, I make it a priority to walk through my neighborhood with my kids. Plus, it's their PE since they are out of school!  We have also adopted better meal options thanks to Pinterest and thefoodnetwork!  Many fresh fruits and veggies are super plentiful now, so that makes meal prepping and snacking much more healthy:)


Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness business?

I joined a gym in southern Maryland when I was 16 and I worked out there to help with staying fit while playing softball and cheerleading. My friends and I would go to the gym nearly every day after school. I met a trainer there, his name was Herb, and I will never forget him! He would show us proper form and technique, and he was always there to help. He knew we weren't in a position to invest in personal training, but because he was so passionate about his job, it didn't stop him from wanting to help us improve. We are still friends to this day! The staff at the front desk and the instructors got along extremely well and were always very welcoming. Soon after this experience, I applied to work there and began working at the front desk. I love working in this industry because every day is different and you're surrounded by positive, successful people.  The members become friends and practically family too. I have been to weddings, birthdays, dinners and all kinds of events because of working here. I'm very thankful to work for a great Company and with such an awesome team.


Q: How are you staying level-headed and positive?

I have painted my kitchen and worked in my yard almost daily. It is so satisfying to start a project and finish it!


Q: Favorite Onelife Anywhere on-demand class? 

Family Fitness with the Johnson Crew! And Bodypump or any class taught by Josh!  WOW!!! His energy is unrivaled!!!!


Q: Coffee or tea?  

I love unsweetened iced tea or the Medicine Ball from Starbucks!


Q: How are you being good to yourself? Self care?  

I love my girl, Kristen, at The Skin Chic. I have been seeing her for 4 years and I can't miss an appointment. We have to be good to ourselves inside and out. I use my "feet-up" trainer daily as well, and I stretch now more than ever.



Chris, Regional Director of Personal Training 


Q: How you’re staying fit and healthy?  

I am fortunate to have some weights and a rower at home, so a few days a week, I'll train in my garage, or outdoors where I especially enjoy high intensity interval training. The warmer weather has been great and has given me the opportunity to get outside with my wife and 2 young sons as well.


Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness business? 

My freshman year of college, I had set my major to Computer engineering, thinking that computers would be the direction I wanted to go with my career. Very quickly, after my first programming class, I realized that I was wrong! (ha!) After sharing some fitness tips with me, a co-worker of mine suggested I should become a trainer, and since I'd been active my entire life, mostly with year-round sports, it just made sense. I switched majors to Exercise Science, got certified, and got a job as a personal trainer.



Q: What are you binge-watching? 
I love history and just finished watching the Grant mini-series, if that counts. Other than that, my wife and I just finished Madam Secretary.

Q: Coffee or tea?

Definitely coffee for me. 2 cups of black coffee each morning with a few dashes of cinnamon.

Q: Pet or plant? 

I do not have a green thumb, but I do have the most amazing Dog ever, our black lab, Shadow, so it's Pets for me!

Q: Beach or Mountains? 

I love being outdoors and hiking, especially at Harpers Ferry, WV, but nothing beats a day at the beach!