5 Steps to Relax and Unplug

5 Steps to Relax and Unplug

Living in a world where everything is done at microwave pace, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Our busy schedules, many demands and the needs of others can be overwhelming. How can we take a few minutes each day to practice self care?

Onelife Fitness has partnered with the LRJ Foundation for Mental Health & Wellness Education during the month of September to bring you more information about the importance of mental wellness, anti-bullying education and suicide prevention.

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5 Tips to Relax and Unplug

1. Unplug! Turn off the phone, computer or tablet for 30 minutes. Remember there was a time when we didn’t have to be connected to the world every minute of the day.

2. Take a mindful walk! Don’t listen to music or a pod cast, pay attention to the nature around you. Be mindful of the beauty that is all around and free to enjoy.

3. Eat a healthy, well balanced meal. Try to avoid processed food. Make cooking a part of family time where you connect with one another and create a delicious meal. Taking time to enjoy each bite rather than rushing through your meal will help you slow down your eating which is great for your health.

4. Spend some time each day doing something you love. Read a book, paint a picture, pot a plant, cuddle with your children or enjoy some quiet time with your significant other.

5. Get a good nights sleep. Our bodies need to recharge and the only way to do that is getting enough sleep. Being rested helps you be your best each day.

Simple steps that often get pushed down the “to do” list, but if you make these five steps a priority, you can get through those list without feeling you have nothing left to give.

 LRJ Foundation believes all people matter. Believe in you, and make time for self-care. For more information on bringing a Mental Wellness Presentation to your school, business, or community group please contact us at LRJFoundation@Live.com

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