Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

You did it. You set a fitness goal and accomplished it. There is no better feeling unless it’s the one you get by enjoying the reward. You might say the accomplishment itself is a reward but nobody wants to hear that, right? Do something special for yourself because you did something great for your health. Consider some ways you might give yourself a pat on the back. 


Enjoy Some Pampering

Pampering can mean different things to different people, so figure out what it means to you. Do you want:

  • A massage
  • A facial
  • A mani-pedi

If you are not sure, make an appointment at your local day spa and try out a few of their wonders. You worked your body hard now give it the reward it deserves with a little distressing and restoration. 

Go Shopping

Nothing says I’m proud to have dropped that 20 pounds like a few new outfits. Go to the local mall or your favorite online store and do some shopping. Buy something that makes you feel good about your body whether it’s that jacket you’ve had your eye on or lingerie that makes you feel sexy. Maybe a new suit for work. Buy something that will show off your new look. 

Make a Reservation

You’ve been wanting to try that new gastropub, right? Or how about the fusion place across town? Whether it’s a three-star Michelin restaurant or your favorite dive, hit the town and enjoy some good food. Don’t worry about calories for once, either. Order what you want within reason and enjoy it with someone special. 

Take a Day Off

If you can sneak one in at work, great, but at least enjoy a rest day from your normal workout schedule. Not only is a little rest a way to reward yourself for the hard work, but it is also a necessity. Your body needs that time to heal and without a day off once a week, you increase your risk of injury by overtraining. Giving yourself a reward now will motivate you to keep working hard in the future and stay on your fitness track.