Road Race Season is Here!

Road Race Season is Here!

Whether you are someone that has never ran for distance,

race occasionally and want to take your running to the next level,

or a seasoned veteran looking to hit a new PR,

check out the following tips to help you conquer your next race!

The weather is warm and sunny, road race season is well upon us. Soon, you will be seeing various local road races taking place almost every weekend and around every corner. These races typically benefit a good cause, present a memorable way to spend time with family/friends while being active, and are just an all-around great time… not to mention the t-Shirt and medal at the finish line!

US Fitness Trainer Chris hitting the pavementSign Up

It’s time to commit! Oh yes… It’s about to get real. Step numero uno is to pick a race and sign up for it. By doing so, you are committing yourself to being race ready by the day of said race. Little back story, I signed up to race my first Ironman with little open water swim knowledge, no bike, and 10 months to train. By setting a deadline and signing up, you bet I got serious and went strait to work! If I had not applied pressure and signed up, this goal would most likely still be a dream.

  • Get The Right Shoes

    Let me save you a lot of time and pain here. If your shoes are not right for your feet and running style, you are in for a world of hurt. “But they’re cute!” Yep, don’t care. My knees hurt just thinking about it… Go to your local running store and get yourself FITTED for running shoes that are a perfect fit.


Alright, we have the deadline and we have the shoes… time to hit the trail. Go out and see where you are in your running capability. How do the new shoes feel? Are you experiencing pain? Do you feel like your heart is going to explode? Is this easier than you thought and isn’t it great to be outside in nature?!

Join A Running Group

Now that we have determined what level runner we are, lets join a running group. Most local running stores have running groups that you can join for some added motivation and education. You will get more insight as to how you should be running and pacing yourself as well as meeting new friends!

Enjoy The Process

This running thing is going to be apart of your life for a little while. Enjoy it! The training process will be MUCH more enjoyable if you can accept it as your new lifestyle and truly find enjoyment while doing it. Not to mention how much better you are going to feel as you continue to get in better and better shape! Before you know it, race day will be here and you will be READY.