Shape Up With Your Sweetheart

Shape Up With Your Sweetheart

Shape Up With Your Sweetheart: 6 Partner Exercises to Try This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so instead of spending money on a box of fancy chocolates or indulging in an expensive meal with your significant other this year, why not work out together instead? When you do something active or physical with your partner, it can help you both connect on a deeper level. Training together or even just doing something that gets you both moving can help you see how hard the other person is working and it can feel amazing to push through together! 

While we know that working out with your partner may not be the best type of everyday training if you are looking to reach some serious fitness goals, but it can be a great way to connect, motivate each other and even get a little competitive! Getting fit is always better when you've got someone there to push you through it and there's no one better for the job than the person you love. 

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help you combine both your relationship goals and fitness goals by giving you a quick routine exclusively designed with couples in mind. This routine contains only 5 exercises, so its easy to learn and enjoy with your mate!

Are you both ready to get your V-Day sweat on? Good, then let’s get started with these 5 partner moves: 

Push-ups with Shoulder Taps (4x10)

Both partners should start in a push-up position facing each other (when you look straight ahead in your push-up position, you should see your partner's smiling face!) Each partner performs a push-up and then at the top of their push-up, tap or touch your partner's shoulder. Make sure to alternate your tapping hand each time you perform a push-up and tap the opposite shoulder of your partner.


Reach and Touch Planks (5x20)

If you can’t do the push-up portion of the exercise above, this is a great way to scale the movement. If you are both able to do the push-ups above easily, try adding on these planks for another exercise to really work your core! Face each other like you would above, hold the push-up position (a plank) and tap your partner's shoulder. If you were able to perform the push-ups with the shoulder taps above, this time high-five your partner instead of doing the taps. 


Partner Chest Pass (3x15)

Stand up straight with about eight feet between you and your partner. One partner brings a medicine ball to their chest and then throws it to the other person at their chest level. This is considered one rep.


Medicine Ball Crunch Pass (3x15) 

You and your partner lie down on the ground facing each other with your knees bent and feet touching. Both you and your partner should hold a sit-up position and then do a crunch (one person holds a medicine ball) Once you reach the top position of the crunch pass (or gently toss) the medicine ball to your partner.


Wall Sits  (5x30 seconds)

You and your partner should find a wall. Sit against the wall and make sure your back is flat against it. Set your feet shoulder-width apart and then about 2 feet from the wall. Slide your back down the wall, bending your legs until they in a 90 degree angle or as close as you can get. Hold your position and contract your abs at the same time.


Weighted Step-ups  (4x20, 10 on each leg)

Each person holds a medicine ball and faces each other with a raised platform or box in-between the two of you. Start by placing one foot onto the the platform. One person at a time should step up onto the box by extending the hip and knee of the raised leg, placing both feet onto the platform. Step back down with the second leg, returning to the original starting position by returning both feet to the floor. Once the first person gets off the box the other person steps up on the box. Make sure to alternate the leading leg between repetitions. 

We hope you and your partner enjoyed doing these exercises together! Hopefully you broke a sweat together and had some fun while doing it! Remember, you can always take one of our awesome Group Fitness or HIIT classes together as another way to burn some calories together too. Try opting for a romantic night at the gym this Valentine's Day and strengthen your emotional bond, while  strengthening your bodies too!