So Rad. So Dad.

So Rad. So Dad.

Meet superstar Personal Trainer and Father Figure, Brian Cavanaugh who's mastered the balance between fatherhood, fitness and family. 




Onelife: How do you master what matters most and balance it all?


Brian: I became a step father/father 8 years ago when I married my wife, Li Ling. The second I became a husband and a father is when my finest hour occurred. My family, and especially my children, Rachel and Luke, have given me the support and motivation to become the very best version of myself. I have worked as hard as I could to become the best role model, mentor, financial provider, personal trainer, and a leader in our community. My goal is to make them proud and to afford them a wonderful lifestyle. All that I have accomplished, all that I have become, and everything I have, is because my wife and children gave me a compelling reason “WHY.”


Brian's TOP 5 tips for balancing the matters that mean the most to him...


  1. Prioritizing family meal times. Family dinners are exactly that, a family affair. Everyone helps in the preparation, in setting the table, and the dreaded clean up. It’s a shared experience that binds us together. It is a time for us to communicate as a family, which is vital to building a healthy relationship.
  2. Invest time in each child individually as well as a family unit. Take the time to learn about and value the personality of each child.
  3. Time management/work management. This is probably the toughest one on the list, and the one I have to work on the most. I always try to leave work at the office so when I get home from Onelife Fitness, I am truly present. I’m available to mentor the kids, have a deep, meaningful conversation or mentorship, or just a quick trip for dessert or some forgotten item at the drugstore.
  4. Small deeds done daily to let the kids know that I am thinking about them and am invested in their lives. This can be as simple as a text, a silly meme shared, or a small card with a note or gift card inside.
  5. Fitness: I take time to prioritize fitness for myself and for the entire family. For me, carving out time for fitness improves my energy and overall mood which benefits me, as well as the time we spend together as a family. The entire family has a membership to Onelife Fitness. We workout together as a family, individually, and my daughter is a member of my women’s small group training program.


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