Summer Fitness is in your future!

Summer Fitness is in your future!

How to mix things up and get moving more often! 

happy lady holding bicycle


A new season is a great time to mix up your routine and try some new things, here's a list of our favorite new activities that we think you'll love.  


A new walking or running route.


Grab a hula hoop or a jump rope to get your groove on.


Do a sunrise yoga class.


Take a day trip to a new hiking spot.


Pick strawberries (burns more calories than you'd guess and you can snack healthfully when no one's looking!)


Adventure out on a kayak at a local park.


Go swimming. (Even a large tub can work in a pinch!:)


Grab a beach cruiser and take a calorie-burning and sightseeing spin!


Take your family and your pets on a walk together. Maybe even make it a nightly routine. (With time, you may be able to train your pets to walk you!) 



Extra-important weekend tip: 

MOVE MORE OFTEN, PERIOD. Standing burns twice as many calories as sitting, so there's a start! Take the steps VS. the elevator. Park further away from your car. (unless it's raining of course...sigh.) Dance in your own living room!...It's like self-created Zumba! Dancing burns some serious calories. SKIP for a change instead of walking or do a mix of both...bouncing has many benefits as well as it helps our elasticity, plus it has the magical vibe of our youth! (Bounce baby, bounce!)