Swap out the Sweats for Swagger!

Swap out the Sweats for Swagger!

Reasons to dress-up during Quarantine...


You may be thinking, why in the world would I spend time getting dressed up just to stay in?... Well, there are definitely reasons to amp up your fashion...


Reason No. 1- Clothing affects your confidence and changes your mindset

There's something empowering about dressing-up. It changes your demeanor and studies show it influences the way we think. We're often able to think more clearly and efficiently when dressed in workwear. Even just putting on different clothes, other than the clothes you slept in, will help break up various portions of your day by making you feel confident! (and that's always a good start!)


Reason No. 2- Getting dressed will help you focus on work-related tasks

If you rock your PJ's all day, your mind will have a hard time differentiating between relaxing time and work time. Many people are working from home and while rules are relaxed, it's still necessary to complete quality work within given deadlines. If you spend your days in clothing that signals to your mind, that it's time to sleep and relax, your mind will likely have a tougher time entering work mode. 


Reason No. 3- Getting dressed will help you maintain a routine

It's important to maintain some semblance of normalcy amidst uncertain times. Getting dressed (and dressed up) will help you stick to a routine (even if it's a very relaxed routine) and will help start your day with an accomplishment. (the same reason people make their beds every morning) During a time when we're all trying to navigate a new normal, it's important to acknowledge even the smallest of successes.