There's Something in the Water!

There's Something in the Water!

The many benefits of Swimming...


lady swimming


You can dive, dog-paddle or butterfly your way into better health today!

Swimming is a great workout as you move your entire body. 

Swimming keeps your heart rate elevated and takes much impact and stress off of your body

Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness

Swimming helps maintain a healthy body, weight, heart and lungs

Swimming tones muscles and builds strength 

Swimming provides a full body workout. as nearly all of your muscles are engaged 

Swimming tends to be a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise

Swimming alleviates stress

Swimming improves coordination, balance and posture

Swimming improves flexibility

Swimming is generally a lower impact workout and good for rehab/re-conditioning

Swimming is a good way to COOL OFF! 

You can swim in so many places-even your bathtub...strategically of course- (Rubber Duckie not included)




Be sure to choose a safe environment. Warm up and stretch before your swim. Hydrate before swimming and keep plenty of water on hand and drink regularly. Be sure to swim with a partner or spotter. Bring a towel and don't throw it in!