Tips, Inspiration & Essentials from the QuaranTeam!

Tips, Inspiration & Essentials from the QuaranTeam!

Here's what they've been up to, what they’re binge watching, how they're staying positive and fit, their favorite guilty pleasure and more! 


Karen, General Manager (left in photo above)

Q: How you're staying fit and healthy?  

Running, biking and walking. Some dumbbell and Kettlebell work at home too.

Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness business?  

Been in the biz for 30 years! I dabbled in a couple of majors, but didn’t really feel passionate about them. I had always participated in sports (mainly track and soccer) and exercised and been a fitness advocate, so health was important to me. I wanted to learn how the body worked and I knew that if I became educated on the subject, I could help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Q: How are you staying level-headed and positive? 

Exercise...and baking. They kinda offset each other :)

Q: Favorite new movies and/or series? 

Grace & Frankie, Defending Jacob, The Masked Singer!

Q: Favorite guilty pleasure? 


Q: What are you binge-watching? 

Dead to Me

Q: Home-body Fit Tips? 

Even 15 minutes is better than nothing!

Q: Getaway from home you're daydreaming about? 

Getting back to hiking Utah, or the Canadian Rockies for the first time! 

Q: Beach or Mountains? 


Q: Updated bucket list? 

To complete my first triathlon (c’mon 2020!)


Paige, Personal Trainer (right in photo above)

Q: How you’re staying fit and healthy?

I am keeping myself and my family on a routine. The time I wake up, the times I eat, the time I workout, and the time I go to sleep, are planned parts of my day, to ensure I stay on track and consistent with my health and fitness goals.

Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness business?

I was a paramedic before I became a trainer, and I saw first hand how unhealthy lifestyles can impact  people. I enjoyed being able to help others, but wanted to be more on the preventative side. I made a transition to become a personal trainer; and now I feel like I am able to help educate, motivate, and transform people’s lives to a positive and healthy life and help them prevent an unhealthy life, that leads to severe health risks.

Q: What are you listening to? Favorite and bands music? 

I have been listening to my Christian Music play list to help keep me sane during these crazy times. “Elevation Worship” is one of my favorite bands.

Q: How are you staying level-headed and positive?

I feel overwhelmed if I try to do everything perfectly in a very imperfect situation, so I give myself one goal or task to focus on for the day. I work very hard on doing that one thing well, and celebrate my victory instead of beating myself up over the tasks I may not have done as well.

Q: What are you wearing at home? Any dressing up happening for special at-home occasions?

I have been exclusively wearing workout clothes. I did, however, try on a pair of my jeans the other day,  just to make sure they still fit. I am human, and may have had a couple extra cheat meals during the quarantine.

Q: Home-body Fit Tips?

Workout at the same time every day to make it part of your routine. It is so easy to say, "Oh, I’ll just workout later”, and then find other things around your house to do, and never get back to your workout. 

Keep a routine to stay consistent.

Q: Getaway from home you're daydreaming about? 

I am actually daydreaming about getting back to the club. I really miss our members and my clients.