Tips & Inspiration from the Onelife Summertime FitTeam!

Tips & Inspiration from the Onelife Summertime FitTeam!

As we breeze into the tropical days of June with Summertime vibes and fitness adventures in mind, we continue to share our series of tips and inspiration from our Onelife Summertime FitTeam.

Here's what they've been up to, how they're staying positive and fit, what they're listening to and more! 


Meet Bri, Regional Director



Our multi-talented and always-positive Regional Director, who leads from the front every day to deliver the ultimate fitness experience to our incredible members. Always a force of intellect and happiness, Bri understands the balance of creating an uber-productive environment and how to ambitiously push forward to grow our Company. Read on to see why Bri loves the mountains, why she keeps a medicine ball handy, and how 50 sit ups every night before bed keeps her on track.


Q: How you’re staying fit and healthy? 


I'm committed to doing SOMETHING active each and every day that gets my body going! Anything from a walk around the neighborhood or using my tennis trainer (a tennis ball on a string that you can hit by yourself! How about that!? To get my heart rate up, my go to are weights, a stair stepper, etc.! I keep an 8-pound medicine ball right by my bed. If I didn't have the chance to do an actual workout that day, I ALWAYS end my day with 50 sit ups and 10 squats using that ball!  I've also been juicing! I love getting nutrition that way! I love the variety of trying new fruits and veggies, and it's great for my immune system! 


Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness business? 


I believe that when we feel better about ourselves, we are better humans to one another. That's what life is all about! In the fitness industry, I'm able to pay that feeling forward, not only to our members, but to my teammates as well. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others feel great! 


Q: Coffee or tea? 


Coffee with a splash of sugar and oat milk for breakfast, and sweet tea for lunch...can't take the south out of this girl!


Q: Pet or plant? 


I would LOVE to have a pet, but currently just LOTS of wonderful plants! Plants bring good energy! Indoors, I have succulents and I love to display fresh greenery and flowers from my own yard! Outside, I grow a variety of herbs and veggies, and I love my lavender for calming effects! There's nothing like cooking with the fresh ingredients you've grown...makes everything taste SO much better! 


Q: How are you being good to yourself? Self-care?


 I take lavender bubble baths while listening to classical music. --this is a great way to clear your mind, relax your body and re-set your spirit.


Q: Beach or Mountains? 


Mountains all the way! I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley, where mountains are part of our everyday view...I've always felt that I grew up in their, whenever I get to visit back home, it's like coming home to a wonderful Blue Ridge Mountain hug!!! 




Meet Steve, Fitness Director

 Steve Procter
One of our original Fitness Dynamos and front-line leaders since Day One! Steve is considered one of the "coolest dudes" in our Company and has the magical ability to set trends before they set themselves. This magical formula impacts everyone around him, and creates an ambitious, yet relaxed environment that most people only dream of. Steve's great love for fitness, music and family drives him forward every day. Steve leads his team and treats our amazing members, with his exceptional skill-set, great professionalism and beautiful kindness.  Behind the scenes, Steve has both a world-class collection of albums and sneakers too!  Read on to see how Prince, Jimi Hendrix and A Tribe Called Quest, along with an obsession for vintage windbreakers changes his life.
Q: How are you staying fit & healthy?
I am staying fit by eating clean, and I'm weight training 4-5 days a week.
Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness business? 
I was inspired to get into the fitness industry as I truly wanted to help people be the very best version of themselves possible. This has always been my driving force. 
Q: What are you listening to? 
Bands I’m listening to lately: James Blake, Explosions in the Sky, Prince, De la Soul, Thundercat, The Strokes.
All time Favorites : A Tribe called Quest and Jimi Hendrix. (Turn it up.) 
New Obsession?
Vintage Windbreakers.
Pet or Plant?