Toast With The Most

Toast With The Most

Get Toasty with a healthy breakfast for the entire Family! 

Supercharge your morning routine and sub a slice of sweet potato for bread! Yes, it cooks in the toaster! You'll get a similar amount of satisfying fiber for half the calories, plus more than 100% of the daily value of vitamin A; healthy fats in the toppings help your body absorb this visually pleasing and immune-boosting nutrient! 


How to make the Sweet Potato Toast:

Start with the most uniformly shaped sweet potato you can find...and make it a big one! Cut 1/4 inch thick slices from the center to get pieces with the most surface area for your toppings. Toast until tender and starting to brown, 12-15 minutes.



Try these yummy toppings for added flavor. 


Avocado, Hummus & Lime

1/2 ripe avocado thinly sliced + 1 Tbsp hummus + 1 tsp squeezed lime + dash of salt.


Spinach & Egg

1/3 Cup cooked baby spinach + 1 large cooked egg (sunny side up) + 1/2 tsp chives + 1/2 tsp hot sauce




Chocolate & Banana

1 Tbsp chocolate-hazelnut spread + 2 banana slices + 1 Tsp crispy brown rice cereal 


Tuna & Avocado

1/4 ripe avocado (mashed) + 1 Tbsp julienned carrot + 1 tsp chopped pickled ginger + 1 Tbsp oil-packed tuna + 1/8 tsp toasted sesame seeds (add slivered Nori if desired!)



Radish & Goat Cheese

2 Tbsp herbed soft goat cheese + 1 sliced radish + 2 Tsp microgreens + 1/4 tsp lemon zest


Raspberry & Cream Cheese

1 1/2 Tbsp reduced fat cream cheese + 1 1/2 tsp mashed thawed frozen raspberries + toasted chopped hazelnuts (or your favorite nuts) + 1/2 tbsp honey