Turner Britton: Onelife Fitness Member Climbs Kilimanjaro!

Turner Britton: Onelife Fitness Member Climbs Kilimanjaro!


Turner climbs mountain

 In early July 2017, after eight months of training, 65-year-old Onelife Fitness member, Turner Britton and his partner, Rita Grayson, completed their hike up the third-tallest mountain of the Seven Summits, Mt. Kilimanjaro.



With two full joint replacements – a right hip in July 2010 and a knee in January 2016 –the almost-66-year-old is still going strong, but now with the help of the Onelife Fitness trainers, who he said have helped transform his body like never before.

“I’ve been in a good conditioning state most of my life – there were probably a couple of dozen years where I drank too much wine and didn’t have enough exercise, but overall, I’ve been pretty healthy,” he said. “Finally, though, I said, ‘You know what? I want to change my body composition.”

“I had never hired a trainer before, but I went to Onelife Fitness and my trainers, Shelly and Carlos, put a program together where I trained two times a week for eight months. Though my weight was fine, the goal was to reduce weight while [gaining] more muscle mass and less fat, and now my body is different than it ever has been."