We've got the Power!

We've got the Power!

The Power of Positivity is real and the power of a smile can go a thousand miles. We live it and feel it every day whether we are wearing the smile or someone else is. 


Is there always a payoff for rocking a smile vs. a frown?  


Probably so. You'll also enjoy better health and a positive approach to life...aaaaand you'll attract more friends, supporters, encouragement and well-wishers.


When faced with tough situations and challenges, we need one another more than ever, Yet, often times, stressed-out people circle the wagons and isolate themselves. They become uptight and cranky, driving people off even though they need support more than ever at that point. The more pressure you feel and the more isolated you become, the more you should truly look for opportunities to smile and share a laugh to draw people TO YOU.


It is always the right time to ACTIVATE YOUR JOY. 


Being joyful by laughing and enjoying even the small things has many benefits: 


  • Reduces the effects of stress
  • Increases brain activity
  • Heightens creativity
  • Increases tools and keys to overcoming tough times 
  • If you have a sense of humor and you laugh regularly, your mind lights up, you come up with fresh ideas and you make better decisions. As a result, your problem solving abilities heighten (big time)
  • Laughter and good humor offer a common denominator and a shared language....Building bonds that hold social networks together.  
  • A smile brings down walls
  • Humor attracts people and bonds them to one another 


Top Positive Tip of The Day: Laugh at yourself! Being willing to laugh at yourself and at life's ups and downs may be one of the greatest gifts you have. Smile and the world smiles with you!