Go For The Gold

Go For The Gold

Onelife Fitness  Front Desk staff member Ceara is an olympic weight lifter who, after just starting two years ago, is already a nationally ranked athlete. As she sets her sights on international recognition, with ambitions to compete in the big show in Paris 2024, we sat down with her to talk about her journey. 



Onelife Fitness: Take us to the beginning, how did your fitness journey begin? 


Ceara: Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, I was into competitive cheer as a kid up into high School. However, when I started college I had a desire to join a sport that pushed me more physically and competitively so I joined an acrobatic program at Baylor. 


Onelife Fitness: How did you get into lifting weights?


Ceara: During the summer of my freshman year in college I was given a weight program as part of my training and wow, it was a total wake up call!


Onelife Fitness: How so?


Ceara: Prior to that point I had never lifted a weight in my life, I couldn't event comprehend the sets, reps, and exercises of the program. However, I stuck with it and was completely blown away by the way it changed both my physique and my mindset. 





Onelife Fitness: That's incredible. So, you've only been specifically olympic weight lifting for two years and you're already nationally ranked. You mentioned you are working towards getting internationally ranked in Germany with hopes to go to the big show in Paris 2024. What inspired you to work towards such an enormous goal?


Ceara: A while back I visited one of the local olympic training facilities and being around the best of the best as well as seeing the way it changed people's lives I knew I wanted what they had and there was only one way to get it. 


Onelife Fitness: What kind of commitment does it take to train this way?


Ceara: Obviously you have to be physically committed, but you also have to be emotionally committed as well, because it takes a lot of work. I train every day for three hours at a time no matter what. It's intense, but the club has become my safe haven; no matter what I'm dealing with in a given day, I know I can come work out and for three hours let any problem roll off my shoulders. 



Onelife Fitness: What advice do you have to anyone else who dares to dream as big as you?


Ceara: Do. Not. Let. Go. Of. Your Dream. No matter what, if you want it-take it. It's not going to be easy and it's going to take more than you've ever given in your life, but if you really want it you'll take it. 


Onelife Fitness: Tell us about some walls you've had to overcome to get to where you are now. 


Ceara: I grew up with a single mom all my life and I wasn't always financially stable enough to support my passion. However, I knew what I really wanted so I always found a way. As soon as I was old enough I started working to support my lifting and in school I worked my ass off to get excellent grades so I could apply for scholarships to school. 



Onelife Fitness: Tell us about your mother, how big of a role does she play in your support system? 


Ceara: My mom is my best friend, she's always pushed me to be the best that I could be. She raised me with an iron fist (laughing) and at times was very strict, but now I understand why. If it wasn't for the way she raised me I wouldn't be where I am today; my mom is my best friend and my biggest fan. 


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