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Racket Sports


Playing racquet sports is a great way to meet different gym members and discuss all of your great shots and the near misses!

With Onelife Fitness anyone can find a new passion in a fun sport on our courts! We offer different leagues for many age groups. Like most of our activities, our tennis, racquetball and squash classes are available for children, adults, and seniors!

There is always a game going on so grab your racquet, and your Onelife fitness friends, and play a game or two.



Racquetball and squash look similar at first glance, as both games are played with racquets on enclosed courts. However, the sports are actually very different! Racquetball’s pace is faster because the ball bounces higher and can hit any surface. Also, racquet and ball size are two other big differences. You can rent racquets and balls from our front desk or bring your own. Racquetball is ideal for those who used to play squash or are looking at playing a court sport for the first time.

Lessons for every level!

We offer private lessons to beginners, classes for those who want to learn more, leagues for all ages, and more!  It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you could be a rookie or an all-star, you are welcome on our courts anytime!

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