It’s Not Just Swimming. It’s a Lifestyle.

Everyone should know how to swim. It’s a survival skill. It’s also an effective way to build and maintain cardiovascular health in a safer, low-impact exercise environment. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. Onelife offers swimming lessons and programs for any level. Improve and perfect your form. Build confidence while you increase strength. Learn a skill that'll reward you over a lifetime. Take a group class or go for private individual sessions.

Kid Learning to Swim

Learn to Swim

Introduce yourself to water safety and learn how to move efficiently in the pool with our Learn to Swim programs. They’re available for any age—infants to adults—because you can learn to swim at any age.

Learn to Swim Classes for Kids



Swim School

6 months old to 3 years old 3 to 4 years old 5 to 11 years old
Basic water skills — submersion, breath control, and fun stuff like blowing bubbles! Basic swim strokes for toddlers taught through fun games and songs. Fundamental swimming and water skills for school-age kids that’ll last a lifetime.

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Learn to Swim Classes for Adults

Adult Swim School: Level 1

Adult Swim School: Level 2

Learn the fundamentals in a small class with 3 other adults. Breathing, kicking, and floating skills help build confidence in the water.

Learn to freestyle and backstroke in a small class with 5 other adults, as well as correct body positioning and side breathing.

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Stroke Refinement

How well can you do the four competitive swim strokes—Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, and Freestyle? The better your form, the easier it is to move through the water. We have programs available for school-age children and adults.

Classes for Kids

Developmental Swim Team

Swim Team Prep

Tsunami Stroke Tool

Ages 5 and up. Evaluation Required Ages 5 and up. Evaluation Required Ages 6 and up
Swimming drills let your child refine his or her stroke technique while learning proper lane etiquette Are you ready to join a swim team? We’ll make sure you are! You’ll work on turns, stroke, speed, and endurance If you want to swim competitively, you have to nail those four strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly). You’ll learn to master turns, race starts, and more.

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Classes for Adults

Total Immersion

Tsunami Masters Swim Team

Ages 12 and up

Ages 18 and up

Increase your competitive edge by learning how to avoid drag and turbulence, and move more efficiently through the water during competitions.

Six different 90-minute swim workouts to choose from weekly, with events, clinics and more.

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Private & Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

We understand if a group’s not your thing. You can reach goals faster and more efficiently with private lessons.

Why Take Private Lessons?

  • Pick the Time that Works for You — Life gets busy, but it shouldn’t interfere with your health.
  • Determine Your Needs — Train to succeed and we’ll make it our priority.
  • Fast Track Your Goals — Train at your own pace and move quickly as you're comfortable.
  • Feel More Secure in the Water — Individual support from a dedicated certified aquatics professional.
  • Save Money by Sharing Lessons — Learn with friends! Class limit: 3 students


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