Halloween Pumpkin Workout [Video]

Halloween Pumpkin Workout [Video]

We can all agree that walking around your neighborhood on Halloween night “trick-or treating” for candy with your kids/friends is a great way to get some cardio in. But if you want to get more creative for the Halloween season, this pumpkin workout is a great total body circuit for you and your friends to try. Invite people over and tell them all they need to bring is their own pumpkin.

pumpkin workout

Complete 20 reps for each exercise and try to do at least three rounds of this workout. 


Below is the circuit:

  1. Butt-to-pumpkin squat jumps: tap down till you touch the pumpkin then jump right back up; repeat and go right back down into your squat.
  2. Pumpkin curl-and-press: hold the pumpkin in between your hands, with your elbows right next to your ribs… curl the pumpkin up to your chest then press overhead.
  3. Jump lunges with pumpkin rotation: start in a lunge position and rotate the pumpkin toward the leg out in front; as you jump and switch legs, rotate the pumpkin toward the other leg that is now out in front; repeat switching back and forth between legs.
  4. Pumpkin v-up sit-ups: lie down on your back, and instead of using a traditional medicine ball as the weight, replace by using your pumpkin; simultaneously crunch your hands up toward your feet while holding the pumpkin, then go back down to the starting position and repeat.
  5. Pumpkin up-and-over push-ups: place the pumpkin on the ground with one hand on top of the pumpkin; push-up then walk your hands over the pumpkin till your other hand is on top… push-up on that side then repeat by going back over.
  6. Burpee lateral jump over pumpkin: lay your pumpkin on the ground again; complete your burpee on one side of the pumpkin, push yourself back up to a standing position, then laterally jump over the pumpkin to the other side and complete your other burpee.
  7. Pumpkin single- or double- leg deadlifts: hold the pumpkin by the stem (great for grip strength!); as you slowly tilt forward and bring the pumpkin down toward the ground, lift one of your back legs… you should feel a stretch in your hamstring for the standing leg; once you feel that stretch stand back up while squeezing your glutes; make sure to switch legs after 10 reps/leg.



If this pumpkin circuit isn’t for you, don’t fret! Because you always have the option to sign up for a race! During the holidays there are plenty of opportunities for you to stay active. Whether it is a 5k, 10k, half- or full-marathon, there definitely should be plenty of options for a Halloween-themed race around your area.

Sign up with friends or family to make it all the more motivating and fun. Even dress up in your favorite costume to help get yourself more in the mood for this eerie day! After completing your workout or run, don’t feel so guilty about eating some candy; and don’t be afraid to carve your pumpkin post-workout either!


 (Click photo to play)

fun pumpkin workout 


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