quaranTeam FEATURING Brock & Kristy

quaranTeam FEATURING Brock & Kristy

As we head into warmer and sunnier times, we continue to share our series of ideas, tips, and essentials from our Onelife QuaranTeam.

Here's what they've been up to, what they're watching, how they're staying positive and fit, what they're wearing and more! Enjoy!


Up first, Regional Director, Brock !



How have you been staying fit and healthy? 

Fortunately, I've accumulated some fitness equipment over the years. The equipment may have been neglected until now, but I got my money's worth during the quarantine, for sure. 

That, and sticking to a healthy diet by fighting the urge to Door Dash every day, were the easy parts. The biggest thing, was continuing to force myself to stay on-routine, and keeping a schedule like I normally would. It’s too easy to forget about time management when you are stuck working from home, so, I set my schedule with deadlines each day, same as I would any normal day. 

And, to make my days resemble every day in the club life, I took it a little further...Things like: when the mailman stomped up the steps on my patio; or, if my neighbor was making a lot of noise, or when my dogs barked; I'd stop and assess the situation and resolve if needed, same as I would in the club setting. 


What inspired you to get into the fitness business?

There are a bunch of contributing factors. I guess, from the beginning, my story is similar to anyone else's. I was always active in sports and very into fitness growing up. I looked up to my brothers, and watched them play various sports. As soon as I became tolerable to them (Haha), they started letting me workout with them. With time, I became more competitive in the power-lifting aspect of fitness. Years later, I realized the majority of the population that wanted to get very strong was quite minuscule compared to the number of folks looking to be healthy and improve their way of life, and I thought I could help them too!

I learned quickly, that no matter what I did for my career, I was going to help people improve their lives. That path also started by following in my brother’s footsteps to pursue a career in Chiropractic. During this path, I thought, there has to be a way to help these folks before they get to such a serious state. That’s when I switched my mission to personal training. That summer, I enrolled in the National Personal Training institute in Lakewood, CO. After completing the course, I moved to Norfolk, VA where one of my best friends from high school was stationed in the Navy. The next week, I was hired as a personal trainer at our Norfolk location by Tom Hill. During my time working there, I learned so much from my colleagues and supervisor. I had no clue how much went into operating a successful health club...that intrigued me and set me on a path to learn. From there, I learned as much as I possibly could to set myself up to take on the challenges advancement would present. 


Favorite new series?

Tiger King! Just kidding, that stuff is crazy though. Outer Banks is a pretty good new series, plus since I’m back in the midwest, I get to reminisce about the beach a bit.


Home body fit tips?

DO SOMETHING! Even if it's as simple as taking a walk down the street, walking up and down the stairs a few hundred times, or sitting down in a chair repeatedly for squats. Make yourself take a break and do some sort of physical activity.  


Coffee or tea?

Coffee for sure. I used to hate coffee growing up, but now it's a necessity to get me jump-started in the morning.


Greatest inspiration?

My greatest current inspiration is how much I've seen folks come together to support each other. Businesses that are still thriving are helping those less fortunate; the increased donations and greater community feel are amazing. I can't wait to see that mindset continue when this crazy time is in the rear view mirror.


And now to hear from our lovely Kristy, VP of Human Resources!



How are you staying fit and healthy?

I try to run outside at least 3 times per week with my neighbor – practicing social distancing of course!  The hour outside and chatting with her while we run is one of the best parts of my day.  I’ve also been coupling my running with strength training workouts 3 times per week at home, using mostly body weight, and picking up exercises recommended by our trainers through their social media pages. I managed not to kill myself while doing a rear foot elevated split squat on my front steps (careful trying some of these workouts at home). Oh, and once per week, I try to do a Onelife Facebook Live yoga class...such a nice way to unwind for a bit.


What inspired you to get into the fitness business?

I had a couple of other careers before getting into the fitness industry, but I was unhappy and unfulfilled at work. About 8 months before I started working with our Company, I started to workout pretty seriously to combat stress and for a mood booster.  Then I got hooked.  I decided that if I could work in the fitness industry, I’d always be surrounded by positive influences that would keep me motivated and people who would help me prioritize health and fitness, regardless of what my work assignments were. And it really has turned out that way! I love our Company culture and the passion we have for living a healthy life. We check in on each other and make sure we’re doing okay and are keeping up with our health and fitness routines. And, I can go to bed every night knowing I’m working in an industry that’s doing some good in this world – making a difference in our communities and empowering people to change their lives.  

 How are you staying level-headed and positive? 

Staying active and getting outside as much as possible has been a huge mood booster for me. And following all our awesome group fitness instructors and personal trainers on social media keeps me motivated. The Onelife online yoga classes have really helped too. The more I can stay present and focused on what is in front of me, the less time I spend worrying about the future. There are good days and bad days of course, but on the bad days, I practice my breathing and remind myself that in the end, everything will be okay.  If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Isn’t that a John Lennon quote? Maybe I should start listening to the Beatles more…