Quick Vacation Workouts with Chris! (video)

Quick Vacation Workouts with Chris! (video)

So, you're on vacation and you need to burn off that ice cream you just had to have last night. Do not fear, Onelife Fitness is here! Check out this quick vacation workout you can do at any park or open space while on vacation - - with just your body weight! 


5 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 

  1. Butterfly Sit-Ups | 15 Reps
  2. Mountain Climbers | 10 per Side
  3. Flutter Kicks | 10 per Side
  4. Russian Twists | 15 Reps

Finish with a .25 mi run 

Repeat 3x

By then, you'll have run three quarters of a mile and your core will be WORKED! 


Workouts While You Travel

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